Labor Day Weekend always causes me a lot of mixed feelings. On the one hand, three day weekend! On the other hand, a reminder of the eventual return to winter and my own mortality. At any rate, today is the last day of August and it’s time too look back at what we’ve learned over the past month. Pretty much, we’ve learned that we were right about how much you guys love Chanel and Céline bags. We love being right!

Below, check out a handful of posts deemed most interesting by your fellow PurseBlog readers. If we’re going to have to start September, we should at least do it with all the information.


Céline’s Winter 2016 handbag lookbook was its biggest ever, complete with scores of pics and prices to go along with almost every single one.

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Do we really need to explain why everyone wanted to look at dozens of gorgeous Chanel accessories? Probably not.

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Would you turn your life into a reality circus if it meant you got enough money to build an Hermès closet and enough bags and accessories to fill it? I’m not gonna lie–I’d consider it.

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New Louis Vuitton bags always pique our interest, but the Louis Vuitton City Cruiser’s early support from celebs caught our eye in particular.

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Fall 2016 includes some breathtaking fantasy bags, and we’ve carefully documented the ones that you can buy with a few keystrokes.

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