A Brief History of Goyard

Goyard is a luxury French trunk and leather goods maker. Established in 1853 in Paris by François Goyard, the company is older than other prestigious fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. The Maison Goyard initially operated under the name Maison Morel, founded in 1792, until François took over from his boss Edme Morel.

In 1845, François's son Edmond Goyard expanded the company, giving it the international and timeless reputation it still enjoys today. Under Edmond's stewardship, the brand was recognized for its distinctive signature design—a pattern of thin, interlocking Y-shaped clusters on heavy, durable canvas.

Financial Information

Goyard is a privately held company, which means it doesn't disclose its financial data publicly. However, it is known to be a profitable brand, primarily due to its positioning in the ultra-luxury segment. Its products are renowned for their exclusivity, the highest quality materials, and meticulous craftsmanship, which allows the brand to charge premium prices and thus maintain high profit margins.

Goyard's Flagship Stores

Goyard has flagship stores in several prestigious locations around the world.

  1. Paris: Goyard's original and most iconic store is located at 233 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, France. This store, where the brand was established, remains a significant landmark.
  2. London: In London, the flagship store is located at 116 Mount Street.
  3. New York: In the United States, Goyard's flagship store is at 20 East 63rd Street in New York City.
  4. San Francisco: There is another prominent Goyard store at 345 Powell Street in San Francisco.
  5. Tokyo: In Japan, Goyard's flagship store is situated in the upscale district of Aoyama.
  6. Hong Kong: You can find a flagship store at the Peninsula Hong Kong, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

Iconic Handbags

The brand’s most iconic pieces include:

  1. Goyard Saint Louis Tote: This is perhaps Goyard's most recognized model, known for its thin, lightweight design, and incredible durability. It's available in a wide range of colors and two sizes.
  2. Goyard Saigon Bag: This is a structured, top-handle bag that showcases the best of Goyard's craftsmanship. The wooden handle and trim provide a hint of nostalgia and underline the brand's travel-related heritage.
  3. Goyard Belvedere Bag: This classic crossbody bag with an adjustable strap and multiple compartments is a favorite among fans of the brand.
  4. Goyard Ambassade Briefcase: Though not a handbag, this piece represents Goyard’s appeal to a broader demographic. Made for professionals, it is as elegant as it is functional.

Goyard stands as one of the oldest and most prestigious luxury leather goods brands. While it keeps a low profile compared to many other fashion houses, its reputation for quality and craftsmanship continues to make it a favorite among luxury goods enthusiasts.

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