Chanel WOC prices went up nearly 20%

Chanel Price Increase for 2017

If you want a Classic Flap or 2.55, it’ll now cost you even more

You won’t be able to buy Chanel bags online in the near future after all

The brand’s latest collection is inspired by designer Karl Lagerfeld’s hometown of Hamburg

Unfortunately, there’s a catch

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One girl and one Classic Flap Bag against the world.

You can expect a lot of gold and ivory in this collection, which fuses ancient aesthetics with Chanel’s modern bags

The brand wants to limit shoppers to buying in person at its own shops, but commerce always finds a way

The heart wants what it wants…

The French handbag giant’s show also included loads of transparent bags and one wearing a raincoat

Something old, not something new, these vintage bags are tried and true