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My 11 Favorite Chanel Purchases PurseForum Members Snagged in December

Featuring a little bit of this and a little bit of that

And just like that, we are in January of 2024! I am still trying to wrap my brain around every major holiday and birthday for my family that has come and gone (today is our little guy’s 5th birthday!).

People often wrongly assume I am out here buying bags left and right. I actually didn’t purchase a bag last year. One way I help curb my handbag-loving desires is by perusing what other people buy and wear. It helps me feel the excitement of the purchase, and it’s one of my favorite threads on the PurseForum.

I shared some of the greatest from Hermès I spotted members buy in December, and now I am sharing a glimpse at my favorite Chanel purchases I saw our members buy at the end of last year.

I love to see color because while a classic black bag is a beautiful purchase, I wouldn’t opt for more if you already have a few. One way that Chanel lures in its customers is by offering many seasonal iterations of its bags, which allows the wearer to feel like they can make a bit more of a personal and not-so-saturated purchase.

Here are the bags that caught my eye from our PurseForum members in December!

Best of Chanel

chanel 24C dark pink mini trendy
CHANEL 24C Dark Pink Mini Trendy
chanel sequin flap bag
CHANEL Sequin Flap Bag
Chanel Red mini flap bag silver hardware
CHANEL Mini Rectangular Flap Bag in Red
Chanel pink mini flap bag
CHANEL Pink Mini Flap Bag
Chanel 22 hobo east west
CHANEL 22 Hobo East West
chanel flap bag pink metallic
CHANEL Pink Iridescent Double Flap Bag
chanel white mini kelly
CHANEL Mini Kelly
Chanel sage wallet
CHANEL Caviar Quilted Flap Card Holder Wallet
Chanel XL maxi bag from 24C
Chanel top Handle bag and sandals
CHANEL Rectangle Top Handle Bag
chanel mini wallet on chain
CHANEL Mini Wallet on Chain

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