I Can’t Stop Staring at This Printed Chanel Flap

A strong contender for this season's It-item

While Chanel is revered for classics like the 11.12 and the 2.55, which are highly sought after by handbag lovers in neutrals and carry-over colors, the brand’s seasonal bags are highly coveted by collectors and fashion fans alike.

Every once in a while, a certain style picks up steam, becoming a most-wanted item that’s highly sought-after, leaving collectors clamoring to get their hands on one.

Back in 2021, it was a boldly colored printed Classic Flap that became the coveted item from the second drop of Fall/Winter 2021 (21K).


It was the era of post-pandemic dressing when looks were louder, brighter, and more fun. Virginie Viard emblazoned the Classic Flap with a rainbow of CHANELs. I, along with the rest of the fashion world, was obsessed.

The bag became so coveted and hard to find that even now, it is being sold on the resale market for over $18K. Virginie Viard is at it again this season, offering an array of fun bags, with many in the running to be the It-item of the season.

Practical or not, I love a printed fabric bag, and I just cannot get enough of the Classic 11.12 in multi-color CCs. If you’re a floral girl, another version adds a floral print to the colorful CCs, plus adorable embroidered rosettes. File this under a bag I certainly don’t need but definitely want.

PS- for anyone who’s wondering, my birthday is May 1st.


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