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Are You a Bright Color Bag Person?

Do you love a pop or would you prefer your bag be more demure?

I recently purchased a new bag (more on that later), and I painfully analyzed every single color the bag came in before actually pulling the trigger on my bag of choice. You see, I’ve never really been a “color person.”

Working in fashion and living in NYC, up until recently, I was your typical all-black-wearing New Yorker. In the summers, I would swap black with light-colored neutrals (I LOVE an all-white look), and the only bright color I would occasionally sport was the red Saint Laurent SDJ that I purchased in 2018.

Then, the pandemic hit, and something in me completely shifted (though really, it started a little bit before). I began to experiment more with color, added in pops of blue, purple, and yellow. I soon realized that anyone can be a color person, and even better, I realized that I liked being one. Fashion is meant to be thrilling and fun. Bags, especially bring us so much joy (it’s why so many of us continue to buy and love designer bags), and what is more joyful than a yellow purse that reminds you of a bright sunny day or an easy, breezy blue bag that is reminiscent of a beachfront vacation?

Nothing, there is nothing better.

For now, I’m still working up to carrying a bag that’s as bold and bright as the clothes I’m wearing, but I’m enjoying the shift in my outfit choices and the mood booster that has come with it. We know that color can evoke feelings and helps us to express more about ourselves, yet still so many people steer clear of the brighter, bolder shades. So tell us:

Are You a Bright Color Bag Person?

Below are some of the bright color bags we’re currently eyeing:

Green Chanel Flap

Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette

PRADA Tessuto Bag


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