Closet Confessionals

CC 107: The Gen Z Thrifter With an Unconventional Collection
CC 106: The Bottega Veneta Devotee
CC 105:  The Collector Who’s Never Bought a Bag With Her Own Money
CC 104: The Planner
CC 103: The Financial Analyst
CC 102: The Chloé Obsessed Collector


CC 101: The Down-to-Earth Bag Lover With a Weak Spot for Bottega
CC 100: The Collector Who Fell in Love With Bags in her Forties
CC 99: The Self-Proclaimed Recovering Shopaholic
CC 98: The Southerner Who Lets Friends Help Him Decide What to Purchase
CC 97: The Budgeting Bag Lover Saving for Her First Hermès
CC 96: The Lawyer With a Penchant for Pre-Loved Bags

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