Style stars brought out some gorgeous bags from a range of brands to swan around outside the shows this season

Note to self: Do NOT cash in your 401K to buy all of these bags

You gotta love a guy who loves Goyard

Some trips call for way less than a weekender, I suppose

And the Spice Girls had a super low key reunion!

Crystal tiger head clasps forever

Also: Angelina Jolie and Kate Middleton! In the same post!

Outside the shows, style stars’ bag picks were as good as the things coming down the week’s runways

And our most serious Hermès devotees present a small parade of Birkins

Chloé, Tod’s, Valentino and a bag of her own design are all in the mix

Plus: Which one of these celebs is enrolled at NYU?

They also traveled, ate at Catch and, you know, did other celebrity things