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As we head into Labor Day Weekend, fall wardrobes are on our minds

We reported last season that the trend appeared to be gearing up, and now it’s officially here

Cult Gaia Ark Bag Review

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Kris Jenner Hermes Closet

Amanda’s moving into a new apartment and wants to hear your best handbag storage secrets

And do you like it?

What does a “Made in Italy” tag mean to you, exactly?

It might not seem like a big difference, but it’s a big difference to us

Marmonts, Dionysuses and Sylvies, oh my!

My bag spending has changed drastically since I became pregnant and having Millie. Don’t get me wrong–I still lust after bags non-stop, but my extra spending money has moved from bags and fashion to all …

Earlier this week, I found out I was getting a sizable tax refund for the first time in years, and naturally, that got my mind churning about what I should do with it. All in …

Whenever I see a bag I’ve never encountered before, I try to imagine the shopper it’s intended for. Most designers create for an idealized woman of some kind of another; sometimes she changes a bit …