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How Do You Pack Your Bags When Traveling?

I need all the tips and tricks!

I’m not a light-packer. I never have been, and I have accepted that I never will be. I don’t just like options. I need options. Vacations are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest extent, and nothing brings me more joy than heading out for a new day in a city that’s not my own with an outfit I’ve styled from head to toe.

While most people deem it unnecessary to bring more than 1 or 2 bags for a one-week holiday, that’s not how I roll. During the last few international trips I took, I packed an array of bags to suit all of my needs and outfits.

When I traveled to Paris last fall, 5 bags came with me: Celine Small 16, Bottega Veneta Cassette, Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie, Prada Cleo and JW Anderson Bumper Bag. The Celine 16 was my airport bag due to the size, which I tucked into a larger tote to go under my seat, and the rest were packed in my carry on.

Perfect Packers

While my bags all arrived without issue, on the way home, one bag did not fair so well. My Prada Cleo was crushed when I pulled it out of my suitcase at home. I too, was initially crushed as it’s one of my favorite bags to carry.

Fortunately I was able to re-stuff the bag and push the Spazzolato leather back out, though if you look closely you can see some puckering on the bottom of the bag at its seam.

While I found the soft construction of the Bottegas and the JW Anderson to hold up well when packed, I likely won’t travel with my Cleo packed in a suitcase again.

As I prepare for a ten-day trip to Paris this Spring, I’ll likely bring 5 or more bags again, and this last hiccup really has me wondering; what’s the best way to pack your bags for a lengthy trip?

How do you ensure your bags hold up when traveling with them? Are there any tips and tricks I should note?


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