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Bottega Veneta Added a Bit of Volume to Create the Cassette in Foulard Intreccio

A leather technique gives this classic new life.

When Bottega Veneta introduced its now-lauded Cassette bag, the designer bag world welcomed the bag that showcased every aspect of Bottega Veneta’s deep understanding of leather artisanry and techniques. The padded intrecciato leather, which offered intriguing dimensionality, quickly became the bag to have. And now, Matthieu Blazy has reimagined the bag as the new Bottega Veneta Cassette in Foulard Intreccio.

The foulard technique offers the identifiable intrecciato with a pinch effect on paper calf leather. This volume adds movement and an elegant yet subtle shine to the bags, as it picks up and reflects light differently as the bag moves. This new rendition is all about life and movement, offering an interesting and modern take on a reimagined bag.

Bottega Veneta Foulard Cassette 1
Bottega Veneta Cassette in Foulard Intreccio in White

Before the weaving process takes place, the paper calf leather strips are ruched, which adds this sense of movement to the bag itself. Each Cassette bag already features an extensive amount of leather fettucce (the name given to the strips that make up the bag). This process only shows the further intricacies of Blazy’s vision for Bottega Veneta. In fact, at the center of Blazy’s vision for the brand is the concept of ‘craft in motion,’ and this bag brings that notion to life.

An Updated Classic

Bottega Veneta Gold Fourlard Cassette

Because of the technique, no one bag will be the exact same as the exterior leather will all be unique to each bag with the plisse finish. However, the bag itself remains the same regarding overall size, dimensions, and design. The shoulder strap drop is 21.7″, which allows for over-the-shoulder or crossbody wear, and it is adjustable. As I am taller, the bag sits a bit higher on my body when I carry it crossbody, but this isn’t bad; in fact, it looks en-vogue.

Bottega Veneta Foulard Cassette 2
Bottega Veneta Cassette in Foulard Intreccio in Pool

An easy-to-open but secure magnetic closure holds the top flap in place, and on the inside, you’ll find a bonded calfskin lining, a luxe touch. The inside compartment can fit the items you need most, including your phone, a slim sunglasses case, a small wallet or card case, keys, beauty items, and even a snack. I find these dimensions to be ideal for carrying enough without being too large, as you can find everything you need upon opening the bag. Dimensions are 5.9″ H x 9.6″ W x 2.4″ D.

Bottega Veneta Foulard Cassette 3
Bottega Veneta Cassette in Foulard Intreccio in Sunburst

As far as colors go, you can opt for anything from neutral, seasonless colors like porridge to the bright, eye-catching blue deemed pool. There’s avocado, white, and sunburst, each standing out in its own way.

Shop the new Bottega Veneta Cassette in Foulard Intreccio for $3,800 now!

Margot Robbie Bottega Veneta Foulard Cassette
Margot Robbie with her Bottega Veneta Cassette in Foulard Intreccio
Dua Lipa Bottega Veneta Cassette
Dua Lipa carrying her Bottega Veneta Cassette in Foulard Intreccio

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