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What’s Your Go-to Summer Tote?

Because everyone needs a grab-and-go carry for the warm weather months...

There’s a reason why totes are one of the most beloved shapes in the handbag world. Not only are they omnipresent within every designer’s line-up, but it’s rare for a collector not to own at least one tote. We could sing the tote’s praises repeatedly, perfect for everyday and ideal for grabbing and going.

Seemingly simple, the tote is available in numerous colorways, fabrications, and sizes ranging from nano to weekender-sized. They are incredibly useful and ideal for travel, but they are also ideal for daily carry.

While there are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a tote (does it have a top zip? an interior pocket? is it lightweight?), the perfect tote is the tote that’s perfect for you. Maybe it has a logo. Maybe it’s more under the radar. Maybe it’s medium in size, or maybe it’s large.

The warm weather months signal trips to the beach and long days spent outside, both of which call for a lightweight daily bag that can hold it all but won’t weigh you down. I find that a big leather tote is too heavy in both weight and material for New York’s hottest days, and I prefer a silhouette that can transition well from activity to activity.

Our favorite brands are expanding their summer offerings as warm weather looms. What’s your favorite go-to summer carry?

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