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What’s Your Favorite Under-the-Seat Carry On?

Is designer the way to go or no?

Air travel is an art form of sorts, and those who do it regularly know how to really nail it. While I consider myself a professional packer, simply because I can jam more than one would think humanly possible into a suitcase with my packing techniques, I’m not an expert in flight travel.

Like most of us, my air travel is limited to less than a handful of domestic flights and one, or if I’m fortunate, two, big trips a year. Following the pandemic, I didn’t travel by air for two and a half years, and I distinctly recall how strange it was in an airport.

When packing for my first trip (JFK to LAX), I remembered at the last minute that I had sold the under-the-seat carry-on I had used for almost a decade: my trusty Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM.

Louis Vuitton Neverful Patches 6
The Neverfull has long been a travel favorite of many

While the Neverfull isn’t a favorite of some because it doesn’t have a top zip, I, and many others, found the Neverfull to be a great bag to travel with. It really was never full, and its coated canvas material made it durable. However, the bag no longer suited my style, and because of its increase in value, the price was right, and off she went to her new home.

I’ve been without a decent carry-on since, and each time I go to pack for a trip, it dawns on me that, once again, I’ve still not replaced it. I’ve made it work each time with random canvas bags, but ahead of a ten-day trip to Paris this Spring, I’ve got my eye on a few different under-the-seat options.

Travel Style

I don’t have many requirements in mind, but I’ve started thinking that maybe I should. The main factors are durability, size, and style. I want a bag that’s not delicate as it will be shoved on the floor where people’s feet sit.

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Louis Vuitton Epi Keepall 45 1
LOUIS VUITTON Epi Leather Keepall 45
$750 via Fashionphile

The size needs to be big but not too big (I like to store my phone, a book, some snacks, and other miscellanies inside + whatever purse I’m traveling with needs to be able to fit inside to adhere to one carry-on and one personal item. Lastly, I want it to feel stylish and like me (which is precisely why I sold the Neverfull).

I’m likely going the vintage route because I want something nice and designer, but I’m not about to spend thousands on something to put on the floor. I also love the idea that it’s already been well-loved and worn in, so I won’t be worried about the wear and tear it will endure.

I’m debating between a Vintage Louis Vuitton Epi Keepall, a Chanel Travel Ligne Duffle Bag, or a Vintage Loewe Amazona Weekender. All of which I’ve been eyeing on the resale market.

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Chanel Travel Line
CHANEL Travel Ligne Duffle Bag
$525 via The RealReal

Which would you choose, and what’s your go-to under-the-seat bag?


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