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What Bag Brand Are You Favoring Right Now?

A new season is upon us so it's time we asked!

The luxury handbag landscape is ever-changing. Year after year, it is met with big luxury shakeups, with fashion’s major players shifting from brand to brand. There have been many shocking twists and turns over the years, with beloved designers moving from one brand to another or departing to take some time off while fans eagerly await their next move.

Some announcements feel timely; for example, when a brand starts to feel stagnant, it is almost as if a creative director has exhausted their innovation and evolvement. However, oftentimes, fans are left blindsided (take Daniel Lee’s departure from Bottega Veneta) when a designer quickly exits following only a short stint.

An Empty Seat Remains

Most recently, the news took the fashion world by storm that one of the great fashion visionaries of our time, Alessandro Michele, would be taking over Valentino, just as his successor at Gucci has found his footing.

Meanwhile, an empty seat at Givenchy’s table remains, with the head design role still vacant following Matthew Williams’ exit. With so many changes behind us and many still to come, switches in brand loyalty are not completely unheard of.

Givenchy Spring Summer 2023
Matthew Williams seat at Givenchy remains vacant

Where once a heritage brand’s DNA and distinct codes remained at the core, with each new designer, that’s not always the case. A new designer can seismically shift a brand’s overall aesthetic for the better—or sometimes for the worse.

History and Heritage Make a Favorite

While Loewe remains a constant favorite of mine thanks to its incredible attention to detail and craft, and its innovative spirit, with each new Celine season I become more and more enamored with the brand’s bags.

I first fell in love with fashion for the creative outlet it provided, but furthering my knowledge of the industry in school helped me fall in love with the history behind it. Thus, I enjoy researching the history of a brand, and when its bags tie back to the archives, I tend to romanticize its story (it’s that reason why I don’t shy away from logos).

The Best Bags of Paris Fashion Week Day 3 25
The Celine Triomphe is an integral part of past (and current) Celine

While Hedi Slimane’s Celine is wildly different from the Celine of the recent past, the designer consistently pays tribute to the brand’s beginnings, and I’ve loved watching it evolve. I find the Triomphe chic and sleek and each season it is further expanded upon, making me want to add more Celine pieces to my rotation.

Which bag brand is your favorite right now?


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