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Have Basket Bags Become a Spring/Summer Staple?

Returning trend or seasonal staple?

There comes a point in every handbag’s lifespan where it transcends the line between trend and classic. At what point is something we’ve discussed time and time (and time) again, and we’re here to discuss it today, this time in relevance to everyone’s favorite warm-weather bag: the basket bag.

While basket bags, specifically the wicker and raffia kind, have been around for decades, their popularity has ebbed and flowed in modern handbag history. Still, in the last decade, their ubiquity has never ceased each year.

In fact, the basket bag has become somewhat of a classic to certain brands like Loewe, Marni, and Celine, not only anticipated within their cruise/spring collections but also expected. While a basket bag is not a true classic, as its wear is somewhat situational, gone are the days of wondering if that pricey novelty bag is just a one-season-wonder.

They’ve transcended beyond simply a trend and into a full-time carryall to tote to the beach and beyond. Part of the reason they remain is fashion’s cyclical nature, which allows history to repeat itself, and yes, the basket bag has its own unique history.

The Basket Bag’s Beginnings

Basket bags get their name from just that—wicker baskets historically used as multi-purpose vessels for carrying things from place to place. Oftentimes, they were used in the fields for picking produce or brought to the market empty, only to return home full.

Baskets found their way into fashion in the early 1940s when leather was rationed during WWII, and designers began experimenting with other materials. It was then that basket bags became more than just an item of function; they also became an item of fashion.

Jane Birkin Basket Bag
Jane Birkin and her basket bag, image via Vogue

However, its widespread popularity today can be attributed to Ms. Jane Birkin herself, who was often spotted with a basket bag in hand before she carried her beloved namesake bag. It was her original signature, and it was one of those baskets that caught the eye of Jean-Louis Dumas, the CEO of Hermès, leading to the creation of the Birkin.

Today, the basket bag remains a fan-favorite warm-weather staple that can be worn and loved for years to come, even passed down to future generations, and as spring and summer near, they’re set to return for another moment in the sun.

Do you think basket bags are more than just a fleeting trend?


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