While Kaitlin already covered some of the great Loewe Raffia Bags for summer, I was at brunch with my friend yesterday, and she completely sold me on a Loewe Basket Bag. It was a done deal. I’d have the french toast and a Loewe Basket Bag, both of those were sure options for me (granted, the waiter couldn’t help me on the latter, but you all know I’m a savvy shopper, ha).

I clearly am in a raffia/basket bag obsession right now because this isn’t the first raffia bag I’ve told you I couldn’t live without. I can easily justify this need based on where it is that I live, but I can also tell you that while many of us across the globe are in warm weather (in fact, heat waves in many places), I find a bag that feels the part to be such a nice wardrobe addition.

Why This Bag Is the One

I also heard you loud and clear about the prices of other raffia bags, so after seeing my friend who raved about her bag and having spotted this many times in the wild, I have to tell you that this may be the bag you too need. Let’s start with the Loewe Basket Bag in Palm Leaf and Calfskin because this is the bag my friend had and the most classic version when it comes to what Loewe offers.

The lovely part is that for a very fair price (truly, this is one of the best-priced bags on the market right now), you get a good amount of leather detailing on the bag with the luxury name-brand and the summery vibe. The design is traditional in that it’s a handwoven tote crafted from palm leaf (also, no two bags are identical due to their handcrafted nature). The calfskin top handles are a really nice addition, giving a more luxe finish along with sturdy material. Better yet, these top handles are adjustable as well, allowing the bag to be carried by hand or over the shoulder. The finishing touch is the embossed Anagram patch in calfskin, and while I can already hear some of you tell me that you wouldn’t want that near water, I personally think it’s fine. After all, this is a bag meant to be used. The dimensions of the large are 13.6″ H x 22.4″ W x 11.8″ D.

Loewe Large Basket Bag

Other Great Loewe Raffia Options

Loewe has plenty of other options if the more ordinary is not your style. I do like the different sizes of the Basket Bag: there are small, medium, and large. I really like this green version (they call it rosemary).

Loewe Small Basket Bag

There’s also this online exclusive, which is highly playful and fun with bright streaks of orange throughout.

Loewe Exclusive Basket Bag

Honestly, Vlad has a very special place in his heart for elephants, and because of that, this bag has always spoken to me. Isn’t it lovely?

Loewe Elephant Basket Bag

Lastly, this bag falls into the category of I don’t need it, but man, do I want it. It’s completely unexpected, massive in size, and by far the most fun designer basket bag out there (and it’s still under $1,000).

Loewe Watermelon Basket Bag

And if I don’t sell you on this bag, let my friend do it for you. Now, don’t you want one?


For father’s day, had my husband take over the #purseblog duties, how’d he do?! ? #loewebag #bagsinthewild

? original sound – Megs Mahoney Dusil

Check out all of Loewe’s Basket Bags now!

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5 days ago

💛💛💛💛💛 loewe bags

4 days ago

I need one now too!

4 days ago

Megs how careful do you have to be when carrying this over your shoulder? does it snag on your silk or knitwear?

2 days ago

yep I meant the body. i do love the looks of this bag but straw/ raffia under my arm always makes me a little nervous for delicate summer clothes

4 days ago
Reply to  lalarey

All Loewe bags have a leather strap. So this question probably is for all Meg’s bags??

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