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The December Hermès Purchases on the PurseForum

Looks like tPF members were on the nice list!

There’s been a viral trend that I’ve been witnessing this past week: holiday hauls. It’s pretty nuts to watch because I see many young teenagers with tens of thousands of dollars worth of designer goods from luxury brands. The comments about these videos vary, but my biggest takeaway is that these young kids didn’t invent this; we’ve been sharing our unboxings on the PurseForum since its inception in 2005 (before many of these kids were even born)!

Santa did not bring me an orange box under the tree this year, but I always love seeing what my fellow forum members purchase. These are some of my favorite December Hermès acquisitions, from classic bags to bag charms to cute Kelly straps to exotics.

Because Hermès as a brand offers so many items, colors, and materials, and they do not have them readily available to view on the shelves of its stores, it’s always fun for me to discover new items through our members. Check out my favorite H member purchases below!

Hermès Haul

Hermes B25 Togo Beige Marfa with GHW
Hermès Birkin 25cm Togo Beige Marfa with GHW
hermes pegasus charm Large
Hermès Pegasus in Beton/Craie with Matte Alligator
hermes picnic birkin
Hermès Picnic Birkin
hermes mini lindy
Hermès Mini Lindy in Lemoncello
hermes Kelly 25 retourne in Etain gold hardware
Hermès Kelly 25 Retourne in Etain with Gold Hardware
hermes birkin
Hermès Birkin in Vert Marquis
hermes Extra sandal in rose perle
Hermès Extra Sandal in Rose Perle
Hermes Vert Jade 18 Constance
Hermès Constance 18 in Vert Jade
hermes Fauve Barenia Mississipiensis Alligator Birkin 25
Hermès Fauve Barenia Mississipiensis Alligator Birkin 25
Hermes Gold Kelly 28
Hermès Kelly 28 in Gold
hermes Kelly Pochette vert emeraude shiny alligator with gold hardware
Hermès Kelly Pochette Vert Emeraude Shiny Alligator with Gold Hardware

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