This Sequin Chanel Bag is What Dreams Are Made Of

Are sequins the new black?

Like most handbag collectors, I not only dream of owning a Chanel bag, I know I will one day own one. That time hasn’t come just yet because every time I commit that this will be the year, other bags come up that feel more in reach, and I put my dream on the back burner.

I’ve said it before, but I’m no longer at a place where my dream Chanel bag is a Black Caviar Classic Flap. You know the old saying, “Go big or go home?” That’s my attitude when it comes to my holy grail Chanel bag.

I want it to really WOW. I’m talking about a fun color, a rare metallic, or a cool shape; I want it to be a statement-maker. When I saw the absolutely breathtaking gradient sequin bag from Cruise 2024, I added a whole new category to my holy grail Chanel wishlist: the shine and shimmer of sequins.

Then, Megs shared some of her favorite Chanel purchases that tPF members made last month, and of course, a sequin flap made the list.

Chanel Cruise 22 Handbags
Chanel offers sequin flaps seasonally, like the above from the Cruise 2022 collection.

Seasonal Novelties

Unlike Chanel’s carryover colors and evergreen styles that return year after year, each season, Chanel releases a whole new cohort of seasonal colors and materials. Depending on the collection, those rare novelty bags usually include sequins, and this year’s cruise collection was high on shimmer and shine.

From girly logo bags that spell out COCO to celestial mini bags embellished with stars, the sporty-chic collection lacks no shortage of fun. But the bag that really caught my eye and can’t seem to get out of my head is the multi-colored, rainbow small flap crafted entirely of gradient sequins…*SWOON.*

Because it has so many colors, this bag would go perfectly with an array of outfits and be the main event if you’re sporting neutrals.

The prices of bags these days are astronomical. Call me crazy, but a non-leather novelty bag not only feels more fun, but a nice plus is that it is a slightly (key word here) more affordable price than a leather bag of its size.

If you also can’t get enough of the seasonal creations of cruise, join the chatter happening now on tPF!

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Chanel Gradient Flap
CHANEL Gradient Sequin Small Flap Bag
$6,500 via Chanel

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6 months ago

It’s all about what YOU love. Don’t go to a lot of fancy events? Don’t save it for special occasions: wear your sequined (or favorite color) bag with jeans and a blazer or black leather jacket for drinks or dinner out. It can make the outfit!

Donna Bowers
Donna Bowers
6 months ago

Chanel would have to pay me. And I love me some sequins, but there is not a chance I would buy anything from them.

6 months ago

I am a fan of Chanel but less OTT items appeal to me.

6 months ago

Can we please talk about the ridiculous 10-15% price increase that’s imminent?