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Our 28 Favorite Bags of Chanel Cruise 24

A close look at the wide range of bags the day before they hit stores

The excitement surrounding Chanel’s Cruise 24 Collection is about to hit its peak, as the bags and full collection will hit stores tomorrow. We have a look at the many, many bags of the collection, which focus on metallic hues and fun shapes; this is sure to be a Chanel collector’s dream.

The collection was shown in Los Angeles, and every aspect of the show met the California vibe, from the surfboards and skateboards to the mini shorts and tank tops. Of course, the bags were given the Chanel treatment, as you’ll see the stars of Hollywood quite literally transformed into star-shaped bags in varying eye-catching colors.

If you are fond of the movie Clueless, this collection is for you. The same goes for anyone who prefers whimsy and fun, which Chanel has perfected over the years. There is this notion of playfulness throughout the entire collection, and that is always my personal favorite aspect of the brand.

There’s a palpable energy at the heart of this collection that speaks through every fabric, print, embroidery, and color. If these bags don’t give you a little smile, you might be taking yourself too seriously, as even Virgine Vivard stated that the “idea is to offer a breath of fresh air, a voyage, a light-hearted and happy fantasy.”

Prices and names of each bag are below, which will officially arrive in select Chanel boutiques nationwide tomorrow, November 15th. For more information, you can call (800) 550-0005.

The Bags of Cruise

chanel bag in beige and pink raffia and metal AS4556

Chanel Flap Bag Raffia Effect Braid/Metal

Chanel Mini bag in black leather, charms and metal AP0250

Chanel Mini Handbag in Black Leather with Charms

Chanel Purse in pink iridescent mirror leather and metal AP3666

Chanel Purse with Chain in Pink Iridescent Mirror and Leather

Chanel bag in purple mirror leather metallic leather and metal AS4646

Chanel Flap Bag in Purple Mirror Metallic Leather

chanel bag in silver mirror leather and metal As4648

Chanel Flap Bag in Silver Mirror Leather

chanel bag in shaded yellow orange and pink leather and metal AS3351

Chanel Handbag in Shaded Yellow, Orange, and Pink Leather

Chanel Bag in gradient pink, green and purple sequins and metal AS 4561

Chanel Flap Bag in Gradient Sequins

Chanel Bag in black shiny leather, strass chain handle and metal AS4600

Chanel Handbag in Black Shiny Leather with Strass Chain Handle

Chanel Medium case in coral and orange leather and metal AP3659

Chanel Medium Case in Coral and Orange Leather

chanel bag in silver metallic leather and metal AS4579

Chanel Handbag in Silver Metallic

chanel bag in beige and black raffia and metal AS4515

Chanel Flap Bag in Black Raffia with Braided Chain

CHANEL bag in orange shiny grained leather and metal A01113

Chanel 11.12 Bag in Orange Shiny Grained Leather
Price Upon Request

Chanel Purse in fuchsia leather and metal AP3699

Chanel Purse with Chain in Fuchsia Leather

Chanel bag in white yellow pink and blue with Sequins and metal AS4561

Chanel Disco Sequin Flap Bag

chanel bag in shaded green turquoise and dark blue leather and metal A66941

Chanel Handbag in Shaded Green, Turquoise, and Dark Blue Leather

CHANEL bag in yellow, purple and pink embroidered satin, sequins and metal A69900

Chanel Flap Bag with Embroidered Satin and Sequins
Price Upon Request

Chanel star Bag in gold metallic leather and metal AS4579

Chanel Handbag in Gold Metallic Leather

chanel bag in pink leather and metal embellished with charms A01112

Chanel Flap Bag in Pink Leather Embellished with Charms
Price Upon Request

Chanel bag in light gold mirror and metallic leather AS4649

Chanel Backpack in Light Gold Metallic Mirror Leather

Chanel Bag in black satin and metal AS4579

Chanel Satin Handbag

Chanel Bag in gold metallic leather and metal AS4613

Chanel Flap Bag in Gold Metallic Leather

Chanle Clutch Bag in Pink Sating Embroidered with Sequins Glass Beads and Metal AS4630

Chanel Clutch in Embroidered Satin with Sequin and Glass Beads
Price Upon Request

chanel phone holder in black shiny leather with a metal chain AP3656

Chanel Phone Holder in Black Shiny Leather
Price Upon Request

Chanel Bag in shaded light purple, pink and coral leather and metal AS3351

Chanel Handbag in Shaded Light Purple, Pink, and Coral Leather

CHANEL 22 bag in white shiny leather and metal AS3260

Chanel 22 Hobo Bag in White Shiny Leather

Chanel Bag in coral pearly leather and metal AS4573

Chanel Handbag in Coral Pearly Leather

Chanel Bag in light gold mirror leather metallic leather and metal AS4647

Chanel Flap Bag in Light Gold Mirror Metallic Leather

chanel bag in fuchsia and black satin and metal AS4579

Chanel Handbag in Fuchsia and Black Satin

Images courtesy of Chanel.


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  1. Sarah Avatar

    One of the most fun collections, I need one of those star bags!

    1. Kay Avatar

      I Love Love This Collection ❣❣
      And Yes It Is So LA ❣❣”Born And Raised” Now The Price Point Could Be Less For The Start Of This Collection~
      And Go Higher Up And Include Hollywood And Beverly Hills Collection~

  2. JPG Avatar

    All giving Kate Spade except the price point

    1. Gee Avatar


  3. XYZ Avatar

    All of them are disco-ish cheap, like Target stuff 🙁

    1. Lori Avatar

      I looked at this yesterday and thought the same thing, looks like Target bags. But decided not to write that because I am always so negative about Chanel. Glad you wrote it!

  4. Yara Bricio Avatar
    Yara Bricio

    The purple one is fire and fun!

  5. Adguru Avatar

    Teenybopper styles at wealthy dowager prices? No thanks, though I do like the orange flap.

    1. Cristine Avatar

      That’s exactly what I was thinking while scrolling down. And I also thought the only one I’d be interested in is the orange flap, but why does it say price upon request? Is it so expensive that they can’t release the price?

      1. Mara Avatar

        Or, too embarrassed to release the price. 😉

    2. Bea Avatar

      I like Chanel, I dislike this collection – “wealthy dowager prices”😂😂😂- the young pretty girls from the movie Clueless would love. I dislike the pink-ish CC on the orange flap – too limiting for styling- I was not the target audience for this collection.

  6. D Bakshi Avatar
    D Bakshi

    I guess this is what happens when you run out of ideas

    1. DanD Avatar

      Unfortunately that happened to every brand for the past 10 years. Nothing new under the sun.

  7. Crystal Avatar


  8. kathyjazz Avatar

    Why so much pink? Ugh

  9. Kathryn O’Grady Avatar
    Kathryn O’Grady

    Not impressed. She is taking the brand in a totally different direction. I don’t like it. I like the classic look of Chanel. This is changing everything. But maybe she’s designing for the younger market and I’m just irrelevant now lol. 🙈

    1. Lorelei Avatar

      Unless Chanel is gifting the influencers free bags, I have a hard time paying $5000 plus tax for a small bag and a bright color that is only going to go with a particular outfit and probably next year will not be a bag I go to.

  10. Lorelei Avatar

    Too loud and shiny and doesn’t seem like anything will be a classic in this collection. Maybe that’s what Cruise is all about. I don’t know. What I do know is the prices for their small pieces are what their large pieces used to be just five years ago. I find that hardest to take because I feel like they’re cranking them out now, and there’s no need to price gouge when other designers have a seat at the same table.

    1. Laura Avatar

      “No need to price gouge when other designers have a seat at the same table”! Perfectly said, sums it up!

  11. Mara Avatar

    While some are interesting the prices stop me dead in my tracks. For me, $5, $6 & $7,000 dollars is a lot of money and these bags don’t justify the price. How far is Chanel going to take this? In the near future will they charge $10K for these small bags? Even for those who can afford these I see them as fashion victims for falling prey to these absurd prices. I guess it’s true, money doesn’t buy class.

    1. Lorelei Avatar

      The prices will definitely hold, and of course will go up. I have never known a brand to ever lower a price on anything, even sales. I think 10 years ago we would’ve been appalled that a jumbo flap was close to $10,000 with tax. And yet here we are. The sad thing is, they are raising prices and we are not getting raises. The list price for a brand new Birkin is the same as a Chanel bag now. And I think if I had to choose, I would go with Hermès. It just has a better vibe.

      1. JerushaCouture Avatar

        This comment is absolutely amazing!!
        I was just saying this exact thing yesterday!

  12. DanD Avatar

    Seriously Chanel, are you targeting tweens still? Everything looks so… cheap… even though I know they are as expensive as a car. Chanel used to be the literal definition of high class. The Chanel woman today looks like she’s going to the Taylor Swift concert… and probably paid just as much for the tickets as her bag!

  13. T. Lewis Avatar
    T. Lewis

    Worst collection ever. Over $7,000 for a raffia bag…come on. I have 8 Chanel bags and love the classic vibe

  14. Georgina Avatar

    I was hoping to purchase one of the raffia bags but there’s no way I’m paying $7.6k for RAFFIA!!!!

  15. BethB3 Avatar

    What’s with the hate?! These are meant to be fun, not classic, I love it!

    1. Becky Avatar

      Some of us are just too old for that kind of fun.

  16. psny15 Avatar

    The bags are definitely fun and cater to teenagers rather than adults 🩷 the unattractive leather pants on the model are inexcusable

  17. Meibo Avatar

    I guess I’m not fun anymore. 🤷‍♀️

  18. Amy Avatar

    Eye-watering prices. I’m moving soon. One bag or furnish my entire first level. Hmmm, tough decision. I am curious however just who is finding these bags worth the cost.

  19. FashionableLena Avatar

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw this was…these bags look tired. I love bright colors and am not a neutral/black kind of bag lady, but I don’t really care for these, and I feel like I should like them. The color palette is divine. Yet, I’m meh about it.

  20. MissC Avatar

    I predict these will be languishing in the boutiques. It seems they are trying to chase the Barbie craze. If they are going after teens, the jokes on them they typically don’t have 5k to drop on a bag.

  21. Adangerousbeauti Avatar

    Worst collection ever.

    I guess theyre starting a star bag trend; Something new to trend on social media.

  22. Sara Avatar

    Chanel introduced a heart bag, now a star bag? What’s next a clover bag? (They’re giving me Lucky Charms cereal vibes). 😉

  23. Anjum Hameed Avatar
    Anjum Hameed

    Ridiculous bags outrageous prices…

  24. Kim Avatar

    I thought this collection looked cheap and I usually love Chanel

  25. Emily X Avatar
    Emily X

    It doesn’t even hit the disco mark for me. This has no 70s vibe at all. Color palette is wrong. It’s all cute and the colors are fun but that’s what Kate Spade and Coach are for. Chanel has no idea who their clients are. Pretty soon we’re going to see a colab with Hello Kitty.

  26. Holls Avatar

    These bags are giving me teeny bopper vibes which is just ugh no. The only two that are half decent are the black phone bag and the white 22. The rest are awful.