The month officially ends on Monday, but Mondays are a weird time for endings. Fridays, however? A great time! They’re also a perfect opportunity to do a little low-key afternoon slacking at work and catch up on some reading (or shopping), and with that in mind, we’re here to equip you for the transition to November with all the handbag knowledge you may have missed in the past month.

Below, check out a handful of posts that your fellow PurseBlog readers loved the most over the past few weeks. We can’t blame them–there are some real winners here.


This simple new bag from Céline is a functional hit–make sure you check out our exclusive photos!

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Nicolas Ghesquiere has released some popular bags in his time with Louis Vuitton, but this collection is easily his best yet, from the beautiful new leather bags to the super buzz-worthy Etui iPhone 7 case.

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In honor of the 4th annual National Handbag Day, we took stock of the most important things happening in handbags right now.

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You won’t want to miss Megs’s picks!

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We loved photographing this brand new Prada bag, and apparently you guys were just as enthusiastic about the results (and the bag) as we were.

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Finem Lauda
Finem Lauda
6 years ago

Still not over the poop handles…

Year Of The Rabbit