It’s never all that hard to figure out which new bags Louis Vuitton is betting on. The massive French brand is singularly powerful within the luxury industry, and that means it has plenty of famous friends to rely on when it comes for drumming up pre-release interest in a new design. When the Louis Vuitton City Cruiser Bag appeared on the arms of paparazzi magnets like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift almost immediately after the brand’s Fall 2016 show, we knew it was the bag to watch. Now, it’s made its way into boutiques for the first time.


In an accessories market where it seems like every new bag feels frustratingly familiar, Louis Vuitton took this opportunity to play directly to its own history instead of current trends. The bag’s shape and structure are based of the long-running Louis Vuitton Cruiser luggage design, and the shrunken handbag version does indeed look like a little suitcase.


In standalone product images, the bag looks a little over-complicated; two top handles, a top strap (which…appears to be useless?) and longer, removable shoulder strap are a lot going on for a relatively small bag. That’s one of the reasons that celebrity gifting is such a popular tactic–giving shoppers a chance to see a bag in action is often more useful than a flat stock image, and on Taylor and Selena, the City Cruiser feels a lot less busy. (They both appear to have removed the long shoulder strap, which definitely helps if that’s not your bag-carrying preference.)

Right now, the only two options available are the PM version of the bag in mostly monogram canvas. The option with leather trim, which is what you see on Taylor and Selena above, is priced at $3,650, while the version with contrasting monogram trim will set you back $3,400. Both are available via the brand’s website and boutiques.

So now, we want to hear from you: are you digging this latest Louis Vuitton debut? I’m more into it than I expected to be, at least because it feels like its own idea instead of piggybacking off another brand’s success. Too many very high-end designers are guilty of that (occasionally Louis Vuitton among them), and I’d always rather see a brand venture something new than stick with what’s already working for everyone else.

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  • Susan
  • TheModMazza

    Too busy and way too overpriced.

    • Jenniferehager4

      <<rw. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????::::::!ir348m:….,…..

    • M Naima

      Totally agree.

  • Chloe

    Meh, kinda looks like the lunch bag I had as a kid.

  • Sandy

    It looks like they are taking their lunch with them in a monogram cooler, several ladies at my work carry the lunch cooler bag thing with them every day. LOL!

    • TheModMazza

      I will never be able to unseen that now.

  • Lori

    I want to like it, but seriously…3 straps??? Seems like it would be hard to get into. And that price?! Feels a bit too high for a non-leather bag.

  • AAAA

    That is a lot of money for canvas.

  • What in the shopping basket hell?

    • M Naima


  • Charlie

    Trying too hard and ending up with a FAIL

  • jordan

    It looks like the MCM bag that Rihanna carries a lot, which I think is $495

  • Lisa

    Not surprised that they had to give it away!

  • Guest

    The bandwagon hate of LV on this blog is always comical. Personally, I love it and if I had the funds would snap it up right now.

  • Sara

    It’s cute but way too expensive.

  • Daisy Fields

    The bag is ugly to me.

  • ECooper

    I think it is the shape in general and the Second Strap in particular that bother me. I wish IT were removable as I am not sure where it goes when you carry the bag. I guess you could carry your phone and keys in the zippered pocket and zip-up and buckle-in your other possessions. Not for me, but I do like the contrasting monogram trim>

  • bagnut1

    how many handles does a bag this size need??

    • Jason Wan

      It appears the lucky number of three handles is needed!

  • FashionableLena

    I was at LV on Saturday browsing, and I didn’t care for the color of the contrasting monogram. The opening doesn’t look as though it would be similar to a Lady Dior-hard to get in and out of. I don’t mind the handle and two straps if the bag were done in a solid color as opposed to the monogram in two different colors.
    It’s a bit of a mess-not functional and too much going on.

  • Sparky

    Reminds me a feed bag for a horse.

  • Maya

    Cute shape!….can’t do monograms though:)))

  • Yazi

    It looks like an old-fashioned cosmetics bag or a lunch box. Sorry, I won’t be seen carrying this.

  • chae

    LV monogram canvas remains still ugly as when I was 7yrs old & saw mom carrying it for the first time.

    • Pamela

      Honestly I do like some LV stuff but sometimes it can be a bit much. I do like the epitome and more understated bags and patterns but im not a huge logo. I’d take a Celine tote over an LV monogrammed one any day. This bag is just not a good look..

  • cindy

    It does look like a lunch bag seriously. And way overpriced for a canvas bag.

  • Passerine

    I am not an LV hater — my husband and I did some shopping there last month — but this bag is just awful, simply a fail. When we went into LV in July, it was to buy me a bag. But when I really looked closely at the models I had in mind, they didn’t sway me enough to buy — the workmanship simply didn’t seem worth a $2000 plus price tag. The bag I actually liked best was the little Croisette in Daimer Azur, but it seemed just a bit too small. My husband, OTOH, found a messenger bag in taiga leather that he liked and bought it right away. I didn’t want to walk out empty handed and I ended up finding a Zippy wallet I really liked in a great poppy color.

    So…not liking this awful, pointless bag in no way means one automatically hates all of LV.

  • Jerri R

    I agree with many people that it reminds one of an insulated lunch bag that carries last night’s leftover in a Tupperware. Oh, and a fork too.

  • Colleen

    I love LV but this is a no for me. About a month ago I purchased the Pouchette Metis which I love to death. This does look like a lunch tote!

  • EvianCC

    I agree, plus there is only 2 celebrities carrying it…so, I don’t see it being the big blow up that the title indicates.

  • Colleen

    I love LV but this is a no for me. About a month ago I purchased the Pouchette Metis which I love to death. This does look like a lunch tote and a very pricey one at that.

  • Tess

    Yes they were given them for free!!! And Gomez is representing LV so of course she us going to be carrying it!!

    • Tess

      Is I meant:)

  • corrid

    I don’t mind it with the leather, but the contrasting canvas is so hideous!

  • GH68

    Not attractive at all!

  • V Lakes

    I think I’ll pass… Not too crazy about the design.

  • V Lakes

    p.s. Also no offense but just because a celebrity is carrying it, you can assume it’s a cool bag. Just my two cents…

  • Ruby

    Interesting they dropped the calve’s skin trim and handles?

  • Imgoingbroke

    Im not feeling it at all ?

  • Pamela

    Not a fan

  • zoopath

    I like it

  • DrSpock7

    Three strap options are the best thing to ever happen to a bag….OPTIONS. Funny how this bag is beloved in the larger options for the same reasons. People regardless will like what they like….and pass on what they don’t. I feel/felt the same way about the neverfull.

  • Dwightinha

    Obviously paid to carry it. An ugly bag.

  • Ariana Packer

    Little Red Riding Hood gets a basket upgrade

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  • Daisy Tara

    i want it!