Somehow it’s going to be August by the time we see you again on Monday, which seems impossible until you remember that summer always flies by as New Yorkers hurtle straight back to the inevitable winter that it feels like just ended. In the meantime, before we progress on to the last month of summer, it’s time to look back and see what we learned and enjoyed in July.

Below, check out the five most popular posts we published this month–your fellow readers have some very good taste, and we know you’re not doing much at work on a summer Friday afternoon anyway.


Everyone likes to know what’s new and cool, and we have the scoop on the first wave of Fall 2016 bags to hit virtual store shelves.

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Céline Dion has been popping up in public a whole lot lately, much to our delight, and she’s doing it with some gorgeous bags on her arm.

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We’ve slowly but surely been getting our hands on more up-close looks at Chanel’s Cuba-inspired Cruise 2017 bags, and this month we get the best pics so far, straight from Chanel.

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The Hermès Birkin is the most legendary handbag on the planet, but we’re doing our part to demystify it for shoppers. Most recently, we’ve got a full report on its pricing around the world.

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Megs thinks this new Louis Vuitton tote makes a perfect everyday bag, and it seems like you guys are inclined to agree.

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