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  • Gigi

    Stunning collection, I’m drooling over that Python box bag

  • FashionableLena

    I love the ribbon bags. Number 31 is my favorite. As always, the color combinations on the luggage totes are really cool.

  • Felix

    Loving the backpacks!

  • psny15

    CELINE makes the ugliest soft leather floppy bags and handles!

    Céline Tri-Fold Shoulder Bag – UGLY

    Céline Small Ribbon Shoulder Bag – UGLY

  • dela

    I love the brand, but Celine should take out some of these designs out of the rotation for a few seasons. They are starting to feel stale.

  • Yoshi1296

    This collection is pretty good compared to the last few. I still miss the early years of Celine.

    • Robinamaynes2

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  • Maya

    Dear Céline, instead of milking that ugly Luggage Tote ’til it’s just dust and bones, bring back the Triptyque! Or a new version of it!

  • Paulie G

    That python bag might as well be Gigi New York.

  • Jess

    I looooooooooove the nude palette on 17. That is diviiiiine. Love the belt bag. I would have to agree with PB. That’s definitely under the radar but a beautiful bag. It’s also more affordable than other Celine bags which makes me think I should get that one instead!

  • chae

    I vote for Sangle.

  • Veronica

    Is The bicolor soft leather cabas returning????? It Is The best bag ever!!!!

  • MissDemeanor

    I like the croissant’s the luggage bags look like scary faces. Call me pretentious but would you pay nearly $4,000 dollars for the “box bag” that doesn’t show the “Céline” name. It looks like a bag I bought for £50!!

  • kathyjazz

    I sold my classic box bag about a year ago. I wanted to love it but never could. I didn’t like how it showed every teeny little scuff, the shoulder strap was never comfortable for me, I don’t like sectioned interiors, and the clasp loosened up and had to make a trip to Paris for repair (of course customer service was prompt and outstanding.) Yet, it sold for almost what I paid for it. It IS a classic, and retains its value I would say. Though it wasn’t for me, it’s still a great choice for many Celine lovers. I’m not planning on buying another Celine any time soon, but if I were to do so, I rather like that Sangle. Sick of the all the wings (talking to you,Trapeze and Tri-fold.) Would rather save up for an Hermes Constance than get the Trotteur. Luggage makes me yawn. Keep trying Celine; give me a reason to give you business again because you are an outstanding brand!

  • Toni

    I cannot find a single thing in these photos I would spend that kind of money on. Not doing it.

  • Saymama

    #7 the oxblood colored classic is singing my name. Birthday gift to self?! Been looking for the classic in the perfect color for over 2 years! #bestillmybeatingheart

  • Misscheng

    So excited for the new compact trotteur! It’s supposed to be sized between the small and the medium. Nice to know Celine is responding to its customers!