We know that you guys can’t all check in on us every day, but your pesky jobs and families and lives might mean that you’ve missed some essential accessories news over the past month. Or maybe just, like, you missed some beautiful stuff to lust after. Before we get to the nitty-gritty of fall (and National Handbag Day!) in October, let’s take a look back at which stuff your fellow PurseBlog readers loved best in the month of September.


Who doesn’t love checking out what stars and fashion insiders carried to NYFW? (You guys certainly do.)

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A new crop of Chanel bags always attracts a lot of interest and opinions.

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Louis Vuitton’s annual drawing-festooned Christmas accessories have been unveiled!

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Our biggest roundup of NYFW street style all season.

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Confused about the dozens of leathers Hermès offers? We’re here to help.

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