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  • JC

    wow!!! thank you for the awesome post.

  • Alexis Frost

    It’d be nice if you could also share your knowledge on discontinued Hermes leathers like Vache Ardennes. Thank you.

  • lavinia

    thank you for this very interesting post!!!

  • Niloticus is the “cheapest” crocodile and comes mostly from farms in Zimbabwe where it’s sometimes difficult to guarantee ethical standards. Porosus, is as you say, more expensive than Niloticus and has a much more luxurious appearance and feel than Niloticus. Alligator is probably the best material overall as it is much more durable than both crocodile types and has an appearance comparable to Porosus. Another factor in favour of Alligator is that it comes mainly from US farms with high standards of animal husbandry and government oversight.

    • Naleesha

      The Porosus is sourced from Australia, which has even higher standards and ethics than the U.S.

      • W S M

        I believe it was a Texan farm that was at the center of the recent crocodile skin controversy?

      • I’m not sure Mr. Obama would agree with that.

  • Celeste

    Wow! there’s a lot! Before i thought the leathers are only box, epsom, clemence, togo, swift and the exotics. Very informative. Thank You!

  • gt66

    thanks for the info. I have been trying to figure this out for weeks.

  • Mary Smith

    The picture for “clemence” looks like ostrich. Is that an error or is that correct?

  • Miss

    Simply lovely post????

  • Great post, thank u! How I would love to get my hands on all those leathers, for a more tactile compare and contrast experience.

  • JC

    Isn’t it ironic that crocodile and alligator should be “kept away from water”??!!

    • AT

      ITA!! LOL.

      • Kimberly3652874

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  • Kristine Marsh

    Isn’t barenia sheepskin — not calfskin?

  • Dwightinha

    I find it so strange that Alligator and Crocodile does not go well with water. Maybe it is the treatment and dyeing of the leathers, or skin rather, that makes them more fragile.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Love this post!!!! I was fortunate to be offered a Birkin in Togo leather. I’ve barely carried it to date. I do have concerns about the oils from my hands damaging the handles but I have yet to wrap them with twillys. Anyone out there have feedback on how their Birkin handles have weathered use?

  • Old Poodle

    Any description or commentary about vibrato?