If you’re an avid lover of luxury handbags (let’s face it, if you’re reading this you probably are) then you know that all things vintage are trending. From Dior to Fendi to Gucci and beyond, designers are dipping deep into their archives for inspiration now more than ever. While some brands choose to revive specific styles altogether, others look to the past and take specific elements from previous collections to introduce vintage-inspired designs.

Lately Hedi Slimane, who is at the helm of French design house Celine, has taken the latter route, choosing to introduce new designs that are not exactly replicas from the past, but are fresh takes on existing silhouettes with a modern vintage appeal. For spring 2020, the brand introduced floral jacquard versions of existing shapes, including Celine’s beloved luggage tote, and suddenly, they’ve stolen my heart.

This floral jacquard fabric was first spotted last year at the brand’s spring 2020 runway show, and honestly, my first thought was that it looks like my grandmother’s couch. But the more and more I looked at it, the more I liked it—after all, my grandmother is one of the chicest ladies I know.

It’s a statement piece but still understated, giving off an easy, vintage feel with a modern appeal, and when I spotted the nano luggage version in the wild last week I realized that I really, really like this bag. Truthfully, $2,100 is pricey for a bag that is mostly made of fabric, and while I’d typically be concerned with how it would hold up, I baby my bags enough that I would actually consider this bag if the price was not a deterrent at this point in my life.

The jacquard is also spotted on other styles like the Triomphe, which I like as well, though I’ve not seen this bag in person. The gold hardware on the Triomphe closure works really well. There’s just something about the overall shape of the bag and the vintage-esque Triomphe lock that holds the jacquard pattern really well. And though summer is coming to a close soon, the black detailing makes this bag perfect to wear through fall and winter. I’m swooning hard, and if someone were to send this to my doorstep, I’d be the happiest couch-bag loving girl in the world.

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