Prada Bowler Handbag

Prada hit huge with their Grauffre bags and is still trying to keep a good thing going. Introducing slightly antiqued and shaded pebbled leather, Prada has released a variety of Bowler Handbags. Saks has the natural tan version of the Prada Leather Bowler which will be available in the next few months. This bag is sure to be a hit, sporting antiqued pebbled leather along with gold tone hardware and a removable chain shoulder strap. Available for pre-order via Saks Fifth Ave for $2,050. Prada appears to feel confident that the Bowler’s will be one of the next huge trends, therefor they have created different renditions. My favorite versions are the Prada Patchwork Bowlers with fringe (can be seen below). Typically, I would not be drawn to a fringe bag, but the fringe strap is just enough and makes this bag overly fashionable and chic. What do you think, Fab or Drab?

Special thanks to Padparasha on tPF for sharing the pics!

Prada Grey Bowler
Prada Grey Bowler

Prada Tan Patchwork Bowler
Prada Tan Patchwork Bowler with Fringe

Prada Grey Patchwork Bowler
Prada Grey Patchwork Bowler with Fringe

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  • Joan

    FAB with fringe

  • Joni

    WOW beautiful bags! But I like the ones without fringe better. :)

  • wei teng

    Its definately a beauty :shock: I love the brown bowler without fringe… so nice…..

  • Crazyshopper

    This is so cute.. I love this bag ordered it in silver cant wait to pick it up !!

  • Katie Hart

    oooo i love them all………

  • cosmofunshop

    Absolutely FAB both colors on the ones without fringe..
    FAB on Grey with fringe.

  • Julie

    Hey, I just discovered this blog. Love it! I will refer to it on my blog….”Mom’s Purse.”

  • DyNa

    I luv them all!
    way to go Prada!

  • Carrying Contraption

    wow, the grey one looks really nice!

    the only minor thing i don’t like are the brass studs on the bottom corners.

  • Eric McNack CEO

    Prada has once again reshaped redefined our perceptions of classic style.

    Personal Closet LLC “What’s in your closet?”

  • jnh14

    :shock: Hate the fringe!!!
    Love the first tan bag! :lol:

  • merve

    Oh come on people the prada designers have run out of ideas, lets just stick some fringe onto a bowler bag we are recycling from winter 1998. Pls lets get some new stuff out there.

  • GuZ

    ilove the first tan bag so beautiful!!! :shock:

  • emma

    :sad: its a shame that a person would even consider paying thousands of dollors for handbags when there are people in the US and all over the world starving!!!!SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  • Lillian Push

    :roll: Emma: are you sure your name isn’t Enema, dear? You can take your Mother Theresa act and shove it — we have handbags to discuss.

  • Femi

    Got the tan one, in fact its on my office table as we speak, love the fringe, gives it character.

  • Naggy

    The patchwork ones look so very horrendous. (ipad)

  • shar

    just about to be made redundent so needed to cheer myself up and what better way than look at beautiful art in the shape of prada bags. Besides with all the depressing thing going on in the world we need some light relief!!The grey one is soo lovely but sadly not light relief on my pocket!! love your comment Lillian> you’re right life IS too short!!