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Reviewing My Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 Bag

A bag I loved at first sight is finally mine and I'm giving you the 411


The Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 immediately caught my eye when it first hit the scene in mid-2021, and it has remained high on my want list for the last 15 months. This petite, hobo-style shoulder bag was first dropped in black only, which was in line with where I saw my collection going at the time. I was looking to replace a black bag that I had recently sold, but as time went on, I realized I didn’t actually miss owning a black bag at all. I’m so glad I held off purchasing this bag when it first came out, despite a big price increase, because I finally got my hands on one of my own in the most stunning shade of green!

I’ve had this bag for a few weeks now, and I’ve used it enough to have a true feel for it. Today I’m giving you the scoop on this bag; from what fits to how delicate the leather is, I’m here to break it all down.


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Review Saint Laurent Le 5 a 7 2

When it comes to aesthetics, this bag gets a big fat 5 out of 5 from me. The Le 5 à 7 bag is simple in silhouette overall, with clean, classic lines. A sleek ’90s-esque shoulder bag that is right on trend, the focal point of the bag is the bold, unmistakable YSL logo. The YSL logo is a divisive topic. Some people love it, and some have quite an aversion to it. Truthfully, I have always liked it, but I never loved a bag that it appeared on enough to actually add it to my collection, until the Le 5 à 7, of course.

Something about the spirited YSL logo juxtaposes nicely with the bag’s easy, clean shape. It sits so perfectly under the arm when worn on the shoulder, and it feels like the ideal mix of classic meets trendy. A cross between a hobo and a 1990s-style baguette shape, the Le 5 à 7 is not to be missed if you’re talking aesthetics alone.

Usability + Functionality

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Based on usability alone, one look at this bag, and you can probably tell it will not be the most worn bag in your collection. I struggled to give this 2.5 or 3 stars, to be honest, because it’s the kind of bag that’s not meant to be incredibly easy to wear, and truthfully, you kind of sign up for that if you purchase this bag.

Let’s start with the positives. This bag is meant to be worn over the shoulder and neatly tucked under the arm, and that’s exactly where it stays. I find shoulder bags to be an annoyance at times because so often they slide on and off your shoulder; this one doesn’t. Additionally, I like that it has 3 different holes so that the buckle can be adjusted. I’ll need a bit more space in a month or so when it gets cold, and I’m wearing a thick coat, but I’ve worn the bag on the middle hole for now. While shoulder carry is most practical, the Le 5 à 7 can also be worn in the crook of the arm.

Now, for the cons. The bag is thin in depth, but its size allows it to wear so nicely tucked under your arm, as mentioned above, but because of that, it does not hold all that much. I have managed to tuck my small YSL wallet into the bag along with my iPhone, sunglasses in a microfiber pouch, and a couple of chapsticks, but a thinner card case fits better. There is an interior zippered pocket, but you won’t want to add anything bulky to it. As for usability, the Le 5 à 7 has an open top that closes when the L on the logo hooks into the small leather piece affixed to the front of the bag. It’s a nice stylistic touch, but it’s hard to get in and out of on the go, which is something to be mindful of.

Quality + Construction

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When it comes to the bag’s construction, it not only looks luxe, it feels it too. Crafted from smooth calfskin leather, it has that expensive feel when you pick it up this bag. Speaking of expensive, the leather feels soft to the touch and has that unmistakable new leather smell. While the leather quality is absolutely divine, conversely, it feels like the bag will be more prone to scratches.

I haven’t noticed any scratches yet, but I’m not sure if that’s because I carry this bag with more caution than I usually give my bags. The bag is lined in suede, which, while not the most practical, does up the bag’s luxe factor. It would be remiss not to also mention the leather-lined edging and impeccable stitching. While other brands often receive callouts about to quality control, Saint Laurent’s quality has never wavered. This is my second Saint Laurent bag, and I continue to be impressed by the construction

Price + Value

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As much as I think this bag warrants a designer price tag, it would be better priced just below the $2,000 mark. When the bag was first released, its entry price was $1,690. It’s to be expected that when a bag gains traction due to increased demand, the price will go up alongside typical seasonal price increases, but in only a year and a half, the Le 5 à 7 has increased in price by $700.

Current retail is $2,400 on Saint Laurent’s website, but other retailers still have the old price of $2,250 listed, like Luisaviaroma, where I purchased this bag from. If you’re eyeing this bag, you should snag it now before the price increase impacts all retailers. Truthfully, I think that $2,400 for a small shoulder bag is a bit much, despite the bag’s mass appeal and aforementioned quality.

Staying Power

Reviewing the Saint Laurent Le 5 a 7
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Many bags come for a season or two and then disappear into bag oblivion, making it hard to talk staying power of a relatively new bag. The Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 was first launched for Spring 2021 and has been further expanded upon over the seasons that followed. Offered in an array of new colors and silhouettes, Anthony Vaccarello and team even added two new variations to the line as well as a teeny, tiny micro version.

That said, in bag years, a year and a half is not very long at all, which is why I can’t give this bag more than a 3.5 in terms of its staying power. Truthfully, a lesser star rating could make sense as well. However, because the Le 5 à 7’s focal point is the iconic YSL hardware, which never goes out of style, coupled with the bag’s classic shape, I felt a 3.5 was appropriate.

Overall Rating

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All things combined, the Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 Bag does deserve its 4-star rating. It is sleek and stylish, despite its simple shape. It’s easy to style and gives any outfit that effortlessly cool vibe. With a star-power thanks to its many celeb fans, this is a bag that will wow. Whether it sticks around for years and years to come or has its moment for just a couple, I’m glad to have this bag in my current rotation.

Purchase via Luisaviaroma for $2,250

Photos via Alyssa Lester for PurseBlog


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  1. Timothy Avatar

    Nice but boring. Nothing not seen from other brands.

    1. psny15 Avatar

      Not only is it boring, it seems odd to carry handheld and even odder when carried on the shoulder

      1. Mel Avatar

        What does this even mean? It’s a shoulder bag??

  2. Sam Avatar

    It’s a beautiful bag and you look beautiful carrying it!

  3. UWSviv Avatar

    Let’s be honest, without the big logo, this bag would be $14.99 at Ross.

    1. Gayle Avatar

      Agree!!! Same with the prada bags too.

    2. Anna Avatar

      Not to be all The Devil Wears Prada… but that 14.99 bag from Ross would not exist if this bag design from YSL didn’t become so popular in the last year and a half. Same for the Prada bags too.

      1. UWSviv Avatar

        You’re kidding, right? You think YSL invented this bag shape? You’re cute.

      2. Anna Avatar

        I only said that YSL popularised this bag in the last couple of years. Which lead to other fast fashion brands bulk producing similar bags because the bag shape became “in fashion”. Shoulder bags are back on trend from early 2000s, never said it’s an original design.

  4. ILP Avatar

    Wow! It’s one thing to critique a bag that is featured. But it’s really appalling to criticize a bag that you know Kaitlin just bought after wanting it for over a year and spending over $2000. People have no filter when they comment from their devices. Imagine showing off a new splurge to your friends in person and they say it’s boring or ugly.

    Enjoy your bag, Kaitlin! It’s beautiful and a great color!

    1. Hervé Avatar

      None of us are Kaitlin’s friends though…

      1. ILP Avatar

        She’s a person. A person who excitedly shared her new bag and review.

      2. Zoe Avatar

        you said it yourself. it’s a REVIEW. she expressed her opinion so can the rest of us (without being rude or insulting of course).

      3. Sara Avatar

        So if someone comments on their own own outfit or hair or bag, you would feel free to express a negative opinion since they opened the door? There is a time to filter and that is when there is a human being on the other side of your opinion.

      4. Zoe Avatar

        She does this publicly on the internet. On a site that is known for reviewing bags and its readers to express their opinion and personal taste. So i find it ok for people to comment.I do not see where is the problem if the comments are not rude or insulting.

      5. Sara Avatar

        Well “boring” and “$14.99 at Ross” are pretty rude and insulting. But I would agree with you if she were reviewing a bag that she simply checked out at the SL boutique and didn’t personally buy after much deliberation and much money spent. Or if she were gifted it in some indirect way.

      6. Sam Avatar

        So, if she was your friend you’d have something nice to say? Pretend that she’s your friend.

      7. Hervé Avatar

        I didn’t say anything at all.

      8. Sam Avatar

        You implied as much in your comment. Take ownership.

      9. Hervé Avatar

        I think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill… If you don’t believe in or can’t handle others expressing their opinions and ideas, then you might consider staying away from the comment section. Take a look in the mirror.

        Be well.

      10. Sam Avatar

        Calm down; don’t gets so anxious that I posted a comment. Life isn’t that complicated. Relax.

      11. Hervé Avatar

        You’re projecting and everyone can see it by reading this thread.

  5. Liz Avatar

    Love this bag in this color! I haven’t being able to find it in sage. Is it discontinued?

  6. Temmy Avatar

    This looks too much like Gucci’s Jackie O bags. The only difference is the hardware.