Today we’re excited to launch a new recurring series here on PurseBlog! PursePeople is all about finding everyday real life bag lovers and getting an intimate look at their bag and what they keep inside. Whether it be a sentimental item, a bag that acts as a security blanket or a tiny good-luck charm tucked in the depths of your Dior, we want to know! In today’s very first installment of PursePeople we’re catching up with Norah Salazar who hails from New Jersey, and it was her insane vintage Gucci bag that caught our eye! Be sure to keep up with Norah and her makeup adventures on instagram and read on to discover more about this PursePerson.

Name: Norah Salazar
Occupation: Makeup Artist
Resides in: South Orange NJ
Bag: Vintage Gucci 1970’s Red Bag

The Bag

This beautiful Gucci bag came from a very small vintage store near me in West Orange, NJ. I wasn’t exactly “looking for it”, I came across it while furniture shopping. I had an immediate draw to it because it’s a red color (like my vintage Coach wallet), the leather, it was in such pristine condition and just had a special sparkle to it, classic old Gucci.

A Prized Possession

The color red is very special to me as it is one of the colors of the Peru flag. (I am from Peru). We are kind of superstitious in Peru, at least in my family some of us are. In the inner pocket of my wallet I carry a tiny amulet charm with tiny seeds made out of Huayruro. Huayruro seeds are found in pods in the tall trees of the Peruvian rainforest. The red and black seeds are said to bring good fortune and abundance, while warding off negative energy. This comes with me everywhere I go, inside this red wallet and in my red Gucci bag. Pretty certain that this bag is Gucci 1970’s at least based on my research. The bag itself has plenty of room for my red lipstick, my wallet and phone.

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