Aissata Diallo and Her Gedebe Habibi Bag

"She's a stunner, just like me!"

Name: Aissata Diallo

Instagram Handle: @aissatadiallo

Location: Photographed during New York Fashion Week

Bag: Gedebe Habibi Crystal Degrade Shoulder Bag

What she had to say about her bag: “I’m carrying the Gedebe Habibi bag. She’s a stunner, just like me!”

Aissata Diallo Gedebe Bag 3
Aissata Diallo Gedebe Bag

photos via @bykylemark for PurseBlog


Live from New York, it’s @chloefineman @aissatatdiallo and @valentinaferrer sharing their bags with us! #TikTokFashion #bagsinthewild #whatbagareyoucarrying #nyfw2023

? Sunshine – WIRA


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