Michelle Arifin and her Hermès Kelly Chromatic

The next installment from our trio in Paris

We had the pleasure of catching up with three friends on a trip to Paris who were together to share in their friend’s special day for her wedding and get a bit of shopping in. This trio is a bag-loving trio, and we already caught up with Mina and her Louis Vuitton Petite Malle, and this time we are chatting with Michelle and her really special Hermès Kelly bag.

Michelle comes from a long line of Hermès (and other designer brands) appreciating family. As a child, she would travel around the world with her parents and grandparents to different Hermès stores, so it is no wonder that her bag on the day we chatted with her was a really special Hermès bag. Here’s a bit more about Michelle, her bag that day, and the bag of her dreams!

The Details

Name: Michelle Arifin (@michellearifin)
Occupation: Newfound Business Owner for luxury travel & sourcing : www.arimico.com
Location: Chicago
Bag: Hermès Kelly Chromatic (Nata)

“What drew you to this bag, and is there a story behind this bag you are carrying?”

My grandparents had collected Hermès bags since the 70s and so even as a child, I would constantly be at Hermès stores around the world. After seeing many bags, I would say that my personal all-time favorite bag is the Kelly bag (so much so that my sister’s name is Kelly too + I also really loved Barbie as a child). Every time I go to the store my first request is always for a limited edition Kelly bag – this time I wanted a Chromatic and there it was. Lucky me! I thought that having the pockets would be super helpful as I often am fumbling my bag for credit cards.

PursePeople Hermes Kelly Chromatic 7
PursePeople Hermes Kelly Chromatic 6

“Your favorite shopping experience to date?”

I have a lot of favorite shopping experiences but my most recent memorable one was this past October, right before my wedding in France. My family and I were invited to do a private visit to the Penthouse of Cheval Blanc – where we had afternoon tea and champagne while trying on Louis Vuitton watches, trunks, bags, and high jewelry. We found the most beautiful metal trunk bag and just had to get it!

Subsequently, the next day, my bachelorette party started and so my girlfriends and I also had a private Bachelorette party/shopping day at the flagship store. I’m sure the SAs and security had a fun time watching my girlfriends practice their wedding dance performance in the special order room. We laughed a lot and did some major retail therapy.

“Something we will always find in your bag?”

You will always find credit cards and cash in my bag. I never like to feel as if I am stranded and so I find it super necessary to always be prepared to pay for something be it a cab or snacks!

“Do your friends influence your purchases?”

No – I would say I am definitely the instigator and influencer. I usually prefer to shop alone, but I also find it fun to shop with others as friends often ask me for my opinion or ask me to select items for them.

“What bag is on your wishlist?”

This is a tough one – I’d really like an ivory and pink-toned Kelly doll with a touch of crocodile.

PursePeople Hermes Kelly Chromatic 5

Images via Claire Guillon for PurseBlog


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