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Kelly Arifin and Her Hermès Roulis Bag

This Kelly was actually named after the Kelly Bag...

We’re finishing out the trio of friends that let us join them on their shopping day in Paris with Kelly Arifin and her stunning Hermès Roulis Lizard Ombre bag. Now, these ladies are bag lovers, which is clear when you check out the bags they were spotted carrying. In my dream world, I am also taking weekend trips to Paris with my friends, but for now, let’s take a closer look at Kelly’s bag and insights into her bag love.

For Kelly, designer bags are a family affair; she was named after the Kelly Bag. Clearly, this runs deep, and finding a true lover of bags is always exciting to hear their insights. If you missed her friends, here is Mina and Michelle – both with equally gorgeous and rare bags!

The Details

Name: Kelly Arifin (@kaytigee)
Occupation: Wharton MBA Student
Location: Philadelphia
Bag: Hermès Roulis Lizard Ombre

Kelly Arifin Hermes Roulis Bag 4
Kelly Arifin Hermes Roulis Bag 3

What drew you to this bag, and is there a story behind this bag you are carrying?

I got my first Roulis special edition leopard print just last year and fell in love with the practicality of the design for both day and night use. My mother already has a Kelly 25 Lizard Ombre in her collection and this time around when Hermès offered a matching Ombre in Roulis, it had to be. Just like my sister, our history with Hermès has been a family affair, I can’t believe I am named after a bag! Getting matching, but different bags with my mom reminds me of the great history Hermès continues from generation to generation.

Your favorite shopping experience to date?

One of my favorite experiences is my first fashion show with Chanel in Indonesia back in 2013. I was in high school and naive. However, the novel experience, the rush of excitement, and the awkwardness of not knowing what to do is a recipe for a great memory. This was when I first fell in love with Chanel.

Something we will always find in your bag?

My AirPods. I love listening to music, it helps me cheer myself up if I am ever feeling down or just adds pep to my step. Here’s a little secret, if I’m walking on my own and with no friends in sight, just strangers, I would totally make the sidewalk my runway and dance my way home. (My friends have definitely caught me doing this)

Do your friends influence your purchases?

Enablers, yes! But ultimately, I like to choose my own pieces. I find it a source of creativity and self-expression. I look out for pieces that call to me that my friends wouldn’t necessarily choose for themselves. WWKW – What would Kelly wear?

What bag is on your wishlist?

The first bag I wanted for myself was the Chanel 2013 Art School Graffiti Backpack. Knowing what it’s worth now, I know that I have a sharp taste. I would love to acquire it someday in my collection for my memories.

Kelly Arifin Hermes Roulis Bag 2


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