Mina Chen and Her Louis Vuitton Petite Malle

We caught up with three bag-loving friends in Paris

A few weeks ago, Hermès opened its new New York City Madison Avenue flagship with a party to be remembered, and we were there to see all of the bags and chat with fellow bag lovers. One person who left a lasting impression on us was the incredibly kind Mina. Mina was in one of our videos sharing the bag she was carrying, while precariously holding a hotdog with ketchup! and mustard! over the top of it.

After chatting with her afterward for a bit, I learned she was going to be in Paris with some friends the following weekend, and I suggested a meetup with our photographer there to learn a bit more about her and her love for bags. We will have more on her friends and their bags as well, but in the meantime, enjoy our quick interview with Mina, along with a closer look at the special Louis Vuitton bag she was carrying.

Name: Mina Chen
Occupation: MBA & MS in Computer Science joint-degree candidate at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Location: New York – Taipei – Chicago
Bag: Louis Vuitton Petite Malle

“What drew you to this bag, and is there a story behind this bag you are carrying?”

My family has a long-standing relationship with Louis Vuitton, and I’m also a history geek. The Petite Malle to me is a beautiful representation of Louis Vuitton’s rich history, and the stories and memories I have at Les Ateliers at Asniere are quite sweet.

That’s why I’ve been collecting special/limited Petite Malle pieces since the Petite Malle was introduced by Nicolas Ghesquière back in 2014. I’m creating a Petite Malle display wall in my new home in Taipei that I think will balance nicely with my bespoke Louis Vuitton trunks at home.

One of my favorite memories at Place Vendome was when I was at the opening of Louis Vuitton’s Maison Vendome Store right after I attended Kim Jones’ final show with Louis Vuitton and my parents back in 2018. Since the PurseBlog team and I were meeting at Place Vendome, I thought it would be fitting to bring one of my favorite Louis Vuitton Petite Malles to meet you.

Mina Chen Purse People 2
Mina Chen Purse People 3

“Your favorite shopping experience to date:”

This was hard to pick because I have many. Recently, I did private shopping with my SA at the Hermès Madison Store on opening day after the fun Musical Block Party Extravaganza on opening night. Celebrating the historical moment with my Hermès family while bringing home unique pieces curated for the opening was quite special. Bubblies and pretzels are always lovely, too.

“Something we will always find in your bag?”

A cross necklace. The one I brought with me to Place Vendome is bespoke with rubies, diamonds, and pearls, a piece I designed with high jewelry house, A M É L I A.

“Do your friends influence your purchases?”

100% yes, but more so in a fun and non-serious way. My friends and I also coordinate our bags to match sometimes when we hang out. Shoutout to @leena_christina and @evelyngrace.ig for memories of one of my favorite bag girl groups 🥳

“What bag is on your wishlist?”

The Neige Sac Birkin Faubourg (I could spend 10 minutes talking about the elegant design and craftsmanship, the beautiful matching of five different leathers, but let’s also be honest – the design is just adorable!! Carrying a mini “dollhouse” of the 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré store with a “shopping bag” style clochette? Yes please.)

Mina Chen Purse People 4
Mina Chen Purse People 5

Images via Claire Guillon for PurseBlog

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1 year ago

That petite Malle is to die!! Brains and Beauty 🤍🤍