Lisa Rinna and Her Courreges Patent Clutch Bag

Catching up with Rinna and her bag in Paris

Lisa Rinna, actress, ex-reality tv star, and QVC queen, has been busy attending fashion shows around the globe. We caught up with her in Paris outside of the Courreges show, and she was kind enough to give us the details on her bag and why she loved it. Lisa, known for her attention-grabbing personality and style, gave us a look at a bag we don’t see as much. From Artistic Director Nicolas Di Felice, her Courreges Clutch seems simple, but there’s a hidden touch that Lisa loves.

Name: Lisa Rinna

Instagram Handle: @lisarinna

Location: Photographed during Paris Fashion Week

Bag: Courreges Patent Clutch Bag

What she had to say about her bag: “Courreges, look how chic! And you’re supposed to hold it like this. Mirror on the back. Hi! Brilliant!”

Lisa Rinna Courreges Patent Clutch Bag 2
Lisa Rinna Courreges Patent Clutch Bag

photos via @bykylemark for PurseBlog


Lisa Rinna serving looks this fashion week go-round #bagsinthewild #whatbagareyoucarrying #tiktokfashion ?: @bykylemark

? original sound – Megs Mahoney Dusil


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