It’s always disappointing when the handbags are the least impressive part of any collection, but with a line as inventive and exciting as Prada Spring 2011, I guess something had to get the short shrift. The collection’s shoes (which you can check out over at TalkShoes) were the best of the season thus far, but the handbags left a bit to be desired for luxury lovers.

In keeping with the trends we’ve seen in Milan so far, Prada went for bright colors and multihued designs. Most of the stripes came on a canvas background, and I’ll be interested to see if any of those bags are translated to leather for retail. In fact, if the bags had been made of leather from the outset instead of featuring so much canvas, my take on the collection would be lightyears more positive – I just can’t get excited for high-priced cotton, even though I think the aesthetic ideas are strong and interesting.

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