By the time you rejoin us on Monday, we’ll already have passed into November, but before that happens, it’s time to take a look back at the all-too-fast sprint that was October 2015. Not only did this month house our third annual National Handbag Day, but we got a glimpse at a new collection of Chanel bags and so much more. To get up to speed on the highlights before the penultimate month of 2015 begins, check out the posts your fellow PurseBlog readers loved the most this month.

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Since we broke the news earlier this week that Chanel’s policy on refurbishing and refinishing has changed, readers have shared tons of opinions and perspectives on the policies, as well as their views on customer service in general.

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Everyone wants a bag that looks luxurious, but luxury price tags can be hard, if not impossible, to swing. To help you out, we did some deep digging and unearthed 20 handbags that far outperform their (relatively) moderate price tags.

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In celebration of National Handbag Day, which was October 10, we took a look back at It Bag history and explained how it was we got here today.

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Not every bag can be an It Bag, though, and not everything stands the test of time to become a classic. In the middle, there are plenty of bags that consumers treasure for years on end, though, and those are the workhorses. We worked up a list of ten, and all of them would make a great addition to any bag collection.

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The airport may not be a chic locale in general, but the one Chanel constructed inside Paris’s Grand Palais was home to numerous gorgeous bags during the brand’s Spring 2016 show.

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