Introducing The Hermès Kellydole Picto Bag

Following the whimsical nature of its predecessor but with a modern touch

I remember the first time I learned about the Hermès Kellydoll bag, also known as the Hermès Quelle Idole bag, was from a member of the PurseForum who was gifted the bag as a push present. I learned two things that day: 1) I was obsessed with the whimsical nature of a bag and design that I typically perceived to be quite rigid and high-class, and 2) I learned what a push present actually was, which in its terminology alone bothers me, but I do love a sentimental gift to celebrate a child’s birth.

Brief History of the Hermès Kellydoll Bag

The Hermès Kellydoll bag was first introduced in 2000 and was designed by Jean-Louis Dumas. These tiny, fun bags were offered in eight colorways and originally retailed for $2,500 (I can’t get over the affordability of that bag even at that time). You’ve probably seen Hermès Kelly Doll bags at auction, sold at very hefty price tags, and now there’s a successor to the design.

The Newest Hermès “Doll” Bag

Hermes Kellydole Picto Bag 1

Introducing the Hermès Kellydole Picto Bag, which is part of the Hermès Spring/Summer 2022 collection and gives a modernized twist to the whimsical nature of the personified bag. However, this version is quite different, offering an optional shoulder strap and a little backpack that attaches to the back of the doll (ok, bag, but you know what I mean). The facial features of this version are a spin on the original, offering a computerized pixelated take. I actually think I prefer this bag to the original; it keeps the lines a bit more sleek but still gives every bit of playfulness that I adore from the first version of this bag.

One of our forum members wondered if this design was based on the Hermès Jingle Games at Ginza from 2018. As she explained, “They lit a game on the facade transforming each glass brick into a pixel. They also gave out these free rubber charms of the pixelated bag. If this is the inspiration behind it, then I find it quite intelligent.”

There are a few colorways offered, and the price is approximately $15,600/£10,810. I am sure these will be pretty hard to track down, even as a storied Hermès client. Right now I mostly have luck finding the Hermès Kelly Quelle Idole Bag Charms, which go for over $6,000. If you are lucky enough to grab one of these new bags, please take all of the pictures and show us!

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Hermes Kellydole Picto Bag 2

Hermes Kellydole Picto Bag 3


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