Gucci always hits it out of the park, and the brand’s latest line only proves what a tremendous run Gucci has been on with its handbags. I carry my Bamboo Shopper so often that it’s one of my most-used bags, and after the release of the Jackie Soft Bags, I was hooked as well. The next must-have from Gucci is Lady Web, which takes inspiration from Gucci’s vintage style and gives it a modern twist.


Gucci Lady Web Bags

The Gucci Lady Web bags all come with two straps, one with the iconic tricolor Gucci webbing and the other in a material that matches the bag itself, either suede or leather. For the body of the bag, there are options of suede, original GG canvas, brown hand-stained leather, python and crocodile, most of which come in several sizes. Lady Web beautifully combines the brand’s chic past with the glorious present in a way that is gorgeously, unmistakably Gucci.

Gucci Lady Web Hand Stained Leather Shoulder Bag - $2,700

Gucci Lady Web Hand Stained Leather Shoulder Bag – $2,700 via Gucci

I immediately felt the lust for this collection, and it’s a feeling I’ve become so accustomed to with Gucci. My style has always been more laid-back, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want a classic handbag that fits my personal aesthetic. Lady Web powerfully melds the idea of a casual bag with timeless design, much of which comes from the unexpected canvas strap option. It’s a casual note that balances the bag’s structured, elegant body.

Gucci Lady Web Suede Shoulder Bag - $2,100

Gucci Lady Web Suede Shoulder Bag – $2,100 via Gucci

Gucci Lady Web Suede Shoulder Bag - $2,100

Gucci Lady Web Suede Shoulder Bag – $2,100 via Gucci

The body of the bag integrates a small horsebit, which is iconic to the brand, on top of a small flap to secure the bag itself. Because of the structure of the bag, it’s easy to access whatever you put inside, which is something near and dear to any bag lover’s heart. It’s big enough to carry whatever you may need, but it’s not cumbersome to wear or difficult to organize.

Gucci Lady Web Hand Stained Crocodile Shoulder Bag - $18,000 via Gucci

Gucci Lady Web Hand Stained Crocodile Shoulder Bag – $18,000 via Gucci

Each of these bags echoes seventies glamour, and it’s the interchangeable shoulder straps that immediately change this bag’s look. From day-to-day wear to dressing it up a little more, this bag fits into each category and everyone’s style. I’m so incredibly drawn to these bags, and after using them for a few days, I’m even more confident in telling you this is a style each and every one of you would love. Gucci found its niche in the premium designer space and continues to grow its brand loyalty and following, starting with me. Prices for Lady Web range from $1,650 for canvas to $18,000 for crocodile, and you can shop the collection via Gucci.

Gucci Lady Web Original GG Canvas Shoulder Bag - $1,650

Gucci Lady Web Original GG Canvas Shoulder Bag – $1,650 via Gucci

Gucci Lady Web Original GG Canvas Shoulder Bag - $1,650

Gucci Lady Web Original GG Canvas Shoulder Bag – $1,650 via Gucci

Gucci Lady Web Hand Stained Leather Shoulder Bag - $2,700 via Gucci

Gucci Lady Web Hand Stained Leather Shoulder Bag – $2,700 via Gucci


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  • TexasST

    I have been eyeing this collection, I love that saddle like brown they have come up with for this bag. I love the interchangeable straps, such a nice option. This article may have just pushed me over the edge to place my order!! Thank you!

    • Vlad Dusil

      Your username is fitting as we photographed the bags while in Texas!

  • Karina

    Make that two! The suede option is calling my name. Great images Meg! They capture the essence of the very earthy collection.

  • Sarah

    I def need one of these! Megs you always do this to me!!!

  • Crish

    I can see how people would like or love these, but they just aren’t making my heart sing.

  • shueaddict

    They sold out on NAP last week.

  • beata

    I like leather version, but 2,700$ is a little too much.

    • AAAA

      I agree. These are nice and the leather ones aren’t logo-y like some of Gucci’s items, but $2,700 seems like a lot for Gucci. With a few hundred more I could buy a Chanel bag (not a classic, but still a very nice Chanel bag).

  • Elegant Tomato

    AM I the only one who senses bias opinion of Gucci from Purseblog, and a little too much favouritism, because they’re sponsored?

    • AAAA

      It is a sponsored post, which one would assume means that Gucci paid them to write it. I think they are being pretty transparent with the whole thing by letting us know that it is a sponsored post.

      • louch

        At first I was a bit surprised how biased the article came across but when I saw the “sponsored post” at the bottom it made sense. I agree that this is transparent enough that each reader can make their own decision.

      • We always mark a sponsored post as such.

        We did work with Gucci on this post, however, I’ve posted many times about my love for Gucci – I really do love these bags. If you follow me on instagram you’ll see me with my Bamboo Shopper non-stop, I rarely put that bag down!

  • Passerine

    There’s more than a whiff of the 1970s about that bag. I remember having something similar as a teen-ager (a non-designer bag that cost a lot less, of course). I like the suede one, but there are too many other bags I’d spend my money on before considering a purchase of one of these.

    • Guest

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    • Guest

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    • Imgoingbroke

      Ha! I agree. I also had a very similar bag in H.S. I believe I bought it from Red Eye for $15.00 and it looked very much like the Hand Stained bag. But actually, my $15.00 bag had a much cooler cross body strap with hand tooled detail. I wish I held on to it now that I see these overpriced and outdated Gucci’s.

  • kemilia

    Nope, not for me.

  • geenak

    No. (not my style at all)

  • Babs

    I’ve seen these…wanted to like them but didn’t. The strap is out of proportion with the bag. Fail.

  • et

    Is this not the same idea as the Chloe Drew bag? I see minimal difference. Also the strap is super thick and gaudy for such a small bag.

    • Sparkletastic

      I had the same impression and like the Chloe Drew much better. These aren’t moving me at all. Maybe I’d like them better if they were in brighter colors. The brown looks too western / worn for me.

  • Charmaine13

    What’s the bag in the second picture on the top? Is it a mini lady web?

  • FashionableLena

    After seeing the ads for these in various magazines, I went to Neiman’s to look at them. They are even more beautiful in person. The lady web stained was my favorite. I thought that I wouldn’t like the shoulder strap. However, I ended up liking the nod to the heritage of Gucci.
    But, I would take my words with a grain of salt. Gucci is my favorite luxury handbag at the moment.

  • Cara M

    I am obsessed with this bag. I don’t know why but from the moment I saw a pic of this bag I’ve been dreaming of it. I had no idea that it comes with 2 straps, which makes me love it even more. I’d really love to hear how it holds up and how much you can honestly fit in it.

    • I’ll see if I can do a “What Fits” post for you guys!

      • EvilAbby

        I’d appreciate this! I love the look of the bag, but I fed I definitely don’t think it would hold enough for me.

  • I wish the leather one was about $900 cheaper. I need something just about this size for travel.

    • This leather is super thick and hand-stained which brings up the price a bit. I like the suede version best

  • M Green

    There is nothing special about this bag. And it will be on sale at the end of the season… what’s “luxury” about that?

    • #youdontknowfashion

      It won’t be on sale. Seeming as the company and all department stores are basically sold out, it won’t make it to sale time. It’s an exclusive runway piece.

      • M Green

        That’s a bit naïve… Gucci is the worst about sales. They have tried to be better over the past few years with all the money they are losing… but it’s not getting better at all.

  • khm

    I bought the distressed leather version and ended up returning it – the leather is beautiful but a bit heavy and the strap is so wide it falls off the shoulder and isn’t that comfortable cross body either – I ended up buying another Celine (curved clutch) and Fendi because I know they will be more wearable and still chic.

  • Stina Sias

    Very cool but too bad they’re all brown

  • Eva

    I want to ask about bottom shaper for Vintage Web Boston Bag, do you use such
    plexi shaper or it is just me?

  • Elisa

    Love Gucci Lady Web, it is absolutely my all time favorite sillouette.

  • Heated Mouse

    Cute. Reminds me of the Ralph Lauren Croc embossed Leather LANESBOROUGH Crossbody Shoulder Bag for about $130! :-) …

  • laura

    Honestly, this bag looks like a Fossil bag I purchased in my college years (no designer, that’s all I could afford). I still have that bag and, of course it’s no Gucci, but it looks very similar to this one.

  • Jacquie Storch

    I just got the leather one on Saturday at Saks. I love love love this bag! It is my first Gucci in decades. It is so beautiful in person.

  • Jery McKinney

    What lovely bags!

  • Dylan Propst

    This is one of the few Gucci bags that looks awesome with the classic monogram fabric. Sometimes it reads tacky to me, but it looks great here.

  • Vicky

    I wish I could see the interior. I’m curious to see what it looks like.

    Thank you for letting us know clearly whether or not it’s a sponsor post. :)