Last month, I gave you a closer look at my Gucci Bamboo Shopper and promised a full review would follow. Well, it’s here. There are many reasons I want to review this bag, but one of the main ones is very simple: I’m obsessed with this Gucci stunner. When it comes to a tote, I’m never sure if I will feel incredibly strong about it, but it turns out that this tote is one of my favorite bags in my entire collection.

Read on to see how my Gucci Bamboo Shopper scores in our purseonals ratings.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Tote in Central Park

Aesthetics 5 Stars

While entirely new designs lure me in immediately, it’s the straightforward simplicity of classic designs that I ultimately love. A good tote is a must in anyone’s handbag wardrobe, and for my busy lifestyle, I was looking for something a little larger than my usual.

This Gucci bag is the bag. The overall appearance is simple in concept, but the finished product is simply beautiful. We gave you a behind the scenes look at the making of Gucci Bamboo, and though I already adored the touch the bamboo handles add, knowing the intricate work that goes into making those bamboo handles has left me even more enthralled with this bag. The logo is small and beautiful, and the blue leather is a bright-as-neutral hue that works with everything in my wardrobe.

The outward appearance of a bag might be one of the most important categories, because unlike how we are taught to judge one another, what’s on the outside matters when it comes to your bags. This Gucci bag is lovely.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Tote in Central Park (2)

Usability + Functionality 5 Stars

My Gucci Bamboo Shopper easily gets five stars when it comes to usability and functionality. Everything about this bag makes sense, from the optional shoulder strap to the separate interior compartments and magnetic closure.

The top of the bag is secured by a strong magnetic closure tab; actually, it’s super strong. Sometimes I have to give it a good yank to separate it. But that is the only flaw, because it opens to a hyper-functional interior. The interior has three areas which are separated by a middle zip compartment. I’ve found this bag ideal for everything from day to day use to traveling. There are additional pockets and compartments as well.

Often I prefer a zip-top tote, but this bag really just works. I typically carry it with the optional shoulder strap, and I love how easy the interior is to access. A true test of a usable bag is my ability to get into it while I’m walking, and with this Gucci bag, that’s possible.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Tote Detail

Quality + Construction 5 Stars

This bag easily scores a five for quality and function. The thick leather doesn’t stiffen, it’s super supple and doesn’t add additional weight. I’ve owned this bag for a couple months and it still smells brand new, which is a great nod to the quality of the leather. I already mentioned the intricate process of creating the bamboo handles, and paired with the beautiful materials used on the rest of this bag, it’s a winner.

As far as construction goes, I haven’t witnessed one tiny piece of this bag out of place. I always check the corners of a bag as well as the stitching for evidence of easy wear-and-tear, but this bag shows none of that.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Tote Detail

Value 4.5 Stars

With bag prices sykrocketing, I took into account the size of this tote along with the quality of the brand when thinking about value. The price is $2,290, and when I compare that to other market prices, it’s a very fair ticket price.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Tote Detail

The ‘It’ Factor 4 Stars

It’s funny, when I think about the “it” factor, I think about the on-trend nature of the bag, but I also think about the everyday wearability. Some bags are so trendy that they score off the charts at a specific time in their lifespans, but a few months later we question why we ever loved the bag.

This Gucci bag is timeless. The shape is nothing new or extraordinary, but the bamboo handles set it apart and give a nod to the history of the brand while not looking outdated. This bag is simple, but I find it absolutely stunning.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper

Total Score 5 Stars

My Gucci Bamboo Shopper scores 28 out of a possible 30, a very high score. I’m in love with it and know many of you would love it as well. There are different color options and sizes available, and while I love the blue hue I have, the black is an incredibly chic option as well. Buy via for $2,290.

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Tote

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Mama M

    Beautiful!!! I went to the website to see the inside, and I like the middle zipper & compartments. I too like a top zipper, but I have a MbMJ bag that has such a strong magnet that my keys actually stick to it!
    My only question — are the bamboo handles comfortable if you carry the bag on your arm?

    • I need to add to the post about the bamboo handles. Truth be told they are totally comfortable when being carried by hand but if you slide them up into the crux of your arm and you have some things in the bag to add weight, it can dig. Good point, let me add that!

      • Sassa

        I’m wondering if the bamboo handles will scratch when they rub together as you hold them? Do you have any idea how they hold up after a month or two? I usually hold these kind of bags by the handles.

      • Hazel Agnes

        I am also infatuated with this bag. The moment I saw it in Gucci ads, I loved it. I popped into a Gucci boutique to get a first-hand look and was not disappointed. The quality is first rate, the design classic, and the bamboo beautiful.
        I am torn between the off-white leather and the classic black. I have lots of black bags so am considering the off-white, which is nice for spring/summer, and maybe even winter (thinking winter whites), but I am nervous about owning a white bag, because I fear that it will not wear well (mark easy and age quickly). So I am leaning back to the classic black bag, which I think will look good in winter but is it too dark for summer? Any comments would be appreciated.

      • Sassa

        Just my personal opinion (and budget), but I would never spend that much money on a light colored bag, especially if I was going to be wearing it for everyday. I would be spending too much time babying it.
        Also, I have a pair of black Gucci pumps with bamboo trim, so for me, the black is a given.

        As far as seasonal colors, I wear black shoes/bags etc, all year long, but I work in an office. If you’re a student or full time homemaker, you may want to try something more casual. I really love the neutral brown or the gold color for this bag as well.

  • Go_xabia

    I love this bag! In both sizes, and in black also, 5 stars!

  • Rashida

    I like that tote!

  • Sandra

    I have been a Givenchy loyalist for a couple years now but this bag is calling my name. The red version was at Nordstrom and I love it. My one hesitation is longevity. I try and purchase bags that have stood the test of time and are still very relevant. I know that the bamboo handles are a Gucci signature and perhaps that is enough to add the timeless factor. I am strongly considering the smaller version in black, not that the larger version is not a contender. Great bag and review!

    • If you went with this bag in black, it will absolutely stand the test of time.

  • katie

    I love it! I wanted to get a Chanel Cerf Tote for work but now you got me thinking with this Gucci Tote. Thanks for the review!

  • jodie

    Do you feel like the bag doesn’t have shape, particularly if you put things in it? It seems like the leather is so supple that it looks like there might not be enough structure? Thoughts?

    • It does loose it’s shape a bit. The leather is thick but pretty supple so it won’t stand up like a structured bag will.

  • missdennies

    Do you ever wear it on your arm? And if so, does the bamboo ‘dig’ in and is uncomfortable after a while? I love this bag!

    • I need to add to the post about the bamboo – truth be told, it can hurt a bit if you have it in the crux of your arm. I tried carrying it like that but found myself always using the shoulder strap instead. If you carry the handles in your hand, it isn’t uncomfortable at all!

      • missdennies

        Thanks Megs! Always helpful!

  • Megs, your bag is stunning and you made a great choice about the color ! It can lift up every outfit in the winter grayness! I also wanted to ask you where did you get your shoes that you’re wearing on the picture – they’re gorgeous.

  • shueaddict

    Megs, I have never been a Gucci fan but I truly love this one. Great choice of color!!!

  • Vicky

    Never a fan of Gucci, but this bag really makes me want to own one. Anyway can you post a photo of it with shoulder strap on? I mean a modeling shot or just hanging that bag with something to show the length of it. That’d be great! :)

    • Yes! Let me see if we have a pic like that but either way I’ll add one soon and let you know!

  • laura

    I love everything about this bag -the color, size and shape but I don’t necessarily agree with your statement about being “timeless.” I might be wrong but I see this bag being a little outdated in a few years, and that’s because of the handles -they’re fun and different now but might be boring later. It’s just my opinion.

    • I see what you’re saying, but Bamboo has been part of Gucci since 1947, so that is why I believe it will stand the test of time!

  • rashmi

    Hi Megs,thank you for the great review. I also love the simplicity of the design.
    The latest Vanity Fair magazine has an ad where the model carries a darker greyish version of this bag. Do you know if the website has it? I am very torn between the BLUE, the GREY and the RED which is equally stunning a color!and this will be my very FIRST Gucci and I’m excited but a bit torn as to which color I should choose :(
    Perhaps some fellow tpfers can help.
    Thank you

    • I wonder if it was just black and made to look dark grey… I haven’t seen that one. Let me ask my Gucci contact.

      The red is stunning!!!! I like the red in the smaller size :)

      • Ekaete Udosen

        I have the brown for sale for $1500

  • rashmi

    Ok, if it wasn’t a gift to you, WHICH of the colors would YOU choose to buy Megs? And reason too please.
    Thank you.

    • I love this blue color, but I actually think the red and black are even more beautiful.

      My friend has the black – she was wearing an almost all black outfit and it looked SO chic on her.

      The red is stunning and adds a sexy appeal.

      You really can’t go wrong!

  • Stephanie

    Hello Megs, I so much luv dis bag n being lookin 4 it. Other designers including Mulberry got this bag too but I thing I prefer this Gucci design. Pls how is this bag? Thanks


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  • Cassandra Smith

    I love the accent on this bag! I just hope this is one is a durable GUCCI.

  • Anja

    Wow… So nice! Do you think it is strong enough to carry a laptop and a bunch of heavy papers? May wanna get one for work ;-)

  • Lindsey Waldrep

    Hi Megs. Is your shopper a medium or large? I am 5’5″ and trying to get a feel for my best size!