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PurseBlog Asks: Is the Givenchy Antigona Over?

Back in July, Amanda asked you which popular bag you thought was ready for retirement. It’s personal choice and of course what one person may deem is over another may just be starting to love. There are certain bags however that hit the ‘I’ve got to have this’ wave and ride it for quite sometime and the Givenchy Antigona is one of them. When this bag became popular, it seemed as though everyone wanted one and everyone had one.

The beauty of the Antigona lies in its shape that is different from most bags and clean lines that makes it wearable day after day and season after season. Few bags become must-haves for the masses in plain black leather, but the Antigona did. Google image search “Givenchy Antigona” and you will see many of the images of black Antigonas spotted throughout the first pages. We actually just covered Lily Aldridge and her Givenchy Antigona which she still can’t seem to get enough of! This bag was a staple, and it seemed it wouldn’t die down. But inevitably, this Givency bag has, just like majority of bags do, and there isn’t the same craze anymore.

But does that mean this bag is over?

I was doing my typical daily online browsing and ran into the black Givenchy Antigona pictured above today. I recognized it right away and for a minute, I thought – hey, I still like that bag. But do I love it? The Antigona became so well-loved that it hit a saturation point and just like all other bags, new bags popped up that made it on people’s wish lists. While this wouldn’t be the next black bag I add to my collection, I want to ask you for your opinion in the comments below.

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  1. Michelle Christine Avatar
    Michelle Christine

    I think the classic nature and structure of the Antigona will keep it around for a while. Yes, many may feel like the craze has gone but that can be said for so many different bags that have risen to the top of the most coveted list. The Antigona may not have the staying power of a Chanel flap or the Birkin, but it has it’s own flare that keeps it unique!

    1. Canuck65 Avatar

      I’ve actually come to appreciate this bag more – the clean architectural lines are sharp contrast to the trend of over DIY embellished gaudy bags currently being produced and I think will stand the test of time far better

      1. Pamela Tobin Avatar
        Pamela Tobin

        Well diana2451 with 6000-8000 a month I’m sure you will not only get an antigona but tons of Birkins as well! ?

    2. Noemi Avatar

      I think Antigona is a beautiful bag, maybe bloggers and pseudo-style icons will carry it less, which means that it will be a classy, pretty timeless accessory.

  2. K_Elizabeth Avatar

    I sold my Antigona, but more because I didn’t really like the look of it when using the shoulder strap (which I tend to rely on a lot). I ended up buying a Fendi 2Jours, so it’s not like I swapped it for something super current. I do love the shoulder option on the 2Jours though! 🙂

  3. TheModMazza Avatar

    Unlike other popular it bags, the Givenchy Antigona has a truly classic design. It is a modern take on the doctor’s bag, which is probably why it will not date. The bag’s beauty is how understated and distinct its silhouette is, and the black leather showcases this. Though, it still looks great in other colors. Ever since Givenchy lengthened the strap on the small version, the Antigona have been on my “to buy” list.

    1. pinksky777 Avatar

      I totally agree with everything you said! The structure is timeless and the new longer strap on the small is exactly why I purchased mine a few months ago. Here’s the thing with the antigona bag in my opinion… After being devoted to this style since early spring 2014, I as of lately have been feeling it is being played out quite a bit, but yet could not seem to get bored with the bag… then I realized it was the fact that it seemed so simple/plain. Once I saw the embellished versions (chain detailing, studs etc..) I immediately felt it looked more fresher and special, but yet still classic in appearance. I can think of many more bags that are still “hot” right now and in reality should’ve been overlooked seasons ago. Here’s my favorite antigona bag lately ?

      1. Passerine Avatar

        I agree, this one does look fresher. I’ve never been a big Antigona fan and I have only seen a few around here. It doesn’t seem nearly as popular as some other designer bags.

      2. TheModMazza Avatar

        The Antigona is mostly popular with YouTubers, than the general public. Or that is how I perceived it, as I rarely see them in the wild. When I do see people caring the Antigona, it is usually the enormous Medium size.

  4. Sam Avatar

    I think the Givenchy will stand the test of time, of course they hype surrounding it has died down but that’s to be expected. I personally prefer it over many other classic silhouettes. I think it’s a classic within it’s Givenchy family.

  5. comfortista_style Avatar

    I like the design, but the strap on my mini never sat properly on my shoulder. I think it’s because the base is too wide.

  6. Giselle Avatar

    I never liked it, because of short handles and shoulder strap being too short as well. I see why other people like it though, it’s lost its novelty, but has potential to stay due to clean lines.

    1. Luv iz Luxury Avatar
      Luv iz Luxury

      Yes that puts me off buying it too, the short handles other than that I think it is a pretty bag and I have picked one up a few times to consider, but put it back for some reason, but who knows, I may end up getting one if a colour came I could not resist

  7. Giselle Avatar

    Btw, I think it’d be a great article, if you compared weight of the bags.

  8. realllmino Avatar

    I bought it 2 years ago. Got bored of it and had it kept away for few months. Took it out again because I was feeling bored and now I’m starting to love it as my work bag. Basically it is a dream when you don’t have to worry about water splashing on it, fragile leather – scratches like my other bags, weight, etc. It’s really a good bag for work daily.

  9. Maynard Avatar

    I’d say that generally they’re a bit expensive for what they actually are… My wife used to have these, but now she’s loving WeldenBags – which to be honest really look like true designer bags, plus they’re like 1/20th of the price lol

    1. Boy GaGa Avatar

      1/20th? Really?! Dude, fix your math.

  10. Jess Avatar

    It is a beautiful bag, but I do think with the saturation in the market, new bags come on the market and the Antigona then drops down the I want list and ladies have stopped buying it. That’s me included!! I’ll buy one… one day…

  11. Aurore de La Gorce Avatar
    Aurore de La Gorce

    I don’t think it is over. Like many people said, the clean lines will make it last. I hope. It’s one of the few designer bags I actually like and a modern, Givenchy-style alternative to sharper bags like the Kelly, although I love the Kelly, of course.

  12. tbestes Avatar

    I hope it’s not over! I just bought two of them and love them to bits! I got the small black and small gray.

  13. Manolos21 Avatar

    I just told my medium Antigona a month ago. I used to be super in love with it, but then as I got older, I’ve started leaning towards more crossbodies or shoulder bags. I never found myself reaching for it due to its weight. I figured it was time to part ways.

  14. jenjen Avatar

    I go back and forth whether to get one. I really like the clean and modern silhouette of the bag but hate the strap.

  15. Kim Avatar

    Not over…it’s now a Givenchy classic.

  16. Sandy Avatar

    I think the Antigona is an amazing bag. The small version fits every body type perfectly and yet it holds all of your daily essentials. I think the bag will become a standard. There are few bags that can keep the craze forever…the Chanel classic flap and the Hermes Birkin are the only ones that come to mind. I think the Antigona will be around for a long time, the hype may go but true bag lovers will still be purchasing the Ant for years to come.

  17. Daisy Fields Avatar
    Daisy Fields

    I buy what I love. To me the bag is a classic design, and that is what matters the most for me. I have no desire to constantly buy bags. Eventually, almost all bags get discontinued. Unless one wants to always have the latest bag, then I see the concern. I came close to buying this bag. Now I won’t because I have a somewhat similar bag. So, I desire it no more, but I like to see people rock the bag.

  18. laura Avatar

    I think it’s a classic.

  19. abigail Avatar

    i have four (three large ones in burgundy, black, and light blue. a mini in mint green) and i still love them all! the light blue is one of my favorite springtime bags, and the black and burgundy ones are lovely for the winter! they’re so great for carrying a lot of stuff (which i do…guilty!) and i think they’re beautiful, as well.

  20. Sparky Avatar

    I prefer the Nightingale. This is too staid for me.

  21. Chris Avatar

    Saw a website/company based in Singapore selling bag shapers in the form of custom-made pillows. What do you think? Here’s the website:

  22. d1234 Avatar

    I love the Antigona-it’s a true classic-but now with the longer strap I feel like some its elegance is lost.

  23. lovemyfashions Avatar

    I’ve really come to value this sack more – the clean engineering lines are sharp complexity to the pattern of over DIY decorated vainglorious packs right now being delivered and I think will stand the trial of time much better lovemyfashions

  24. Tanya Avatar

    It’s a classic. Definitely not over for me!

  25. Alese Avatar

    I agree that the price is quite high for what it is. I can see the larger sizes going out because they look a bit awkward in my opinion due to the shape of the bag… But I do believe that the mini and the small sizes in the goatskin leathers are timeless!! I have an Antigona small in the sugar goatskin leather which I lined up to list on on Tradesy to swap out for a Bal City bag… Once I started taking pictures I noticed the sharp details and the graining of the goatskin leather all over again and fell back in love!

  26. FabFashionista Avatar

    Yikes! I was bummed to see this. I own two of the mediums and love, love, love them. They are so classy and timeless (IMO). If I have fallen off the fashion train, so be it :).

  27. shopaholicxoxo Avatar

    definitely don’t think its over! i think it is a classic! i did notice it has gotten more popular recently actually and have seen more people buying it lately… i think it is very chic and goes with everything! i do wish the strap of the small/medium was an ACTUAL crossbody strap and not just a shoulder strap because it is super awkward on me. that’s my only gripe on the bag. other then that it is perfection.

  28. MhHug Avatar

    I really despise trends in fashion. I say wear what you love and who cares if it’s the “it” bag of the moment. That mindset is not about individuality but about following the crowd. Most of these Youtubers and celebrities don’t have any personal style, they are all following one another trying to be self important. In my world nothing’s over until I make that decision so enjoy your bag that I’m sure you paid good money for?

    1. TheModMazza Avatar

      You hit it right on the nose, regarding Youtubers and their nonexistent style sense.

  29. Ali Chanel Avatar
    Ali Chanel

    It’s destined to be a classic…simple elegant style

  30. Disquss Avatar

    it’s been over for a while, sorry but you’ll understand in about a year.

  31. Holly Stanton Avatar
    Holly Stanton

    I keep saying this but I wish the trend of old lady purses would die. I think it’s a reflection of bags as investments and people having way too much stuff to put in their bags.

    I don’t want a big bag! I don’t want to look matronly like Kris Jenner with a billion Birkins. I have my whole life to wear giant bags. I want to wear fun, youthful stuff. The kind of bags that a 55 year old wouldn’t carry. Sorry 55 year olds! We need a bag revolution!!

    1. jane Avatar

      it does come in smaller sizes

      1. Holly Stanton Avatar
        Holly Stanton

        The design looks old ladyish. Like if you put that purse on an slender old woman dressed in black from the 1930s, it wouldn’t even look anachronistic.

      2. TheModMazza Avatar

        And that is a bad thing?

        You basically just proved, that the Antigona is a classic handbag style.

      3. Holly Stanton Avatar
        Holly Stanton

        For old ladies

  32. J Avatar

    I disagree. I don’t think this can be considered a “classic”. I honestly do not think that in 20 years time, people will still be reaching into their wardrobes for this bag. The lines of the bag are far too architectural, modern and edgy for the style of the bag to live past 10 years. People like the bag for how edgy it is, but then you have to ask – when will the definition of ‘edgy’ be redefined? When will it no longer be popular to have that “edgy” look?

  33. jane Avatar

    it’s ok but won’t be a classic imo. it really represents where we are in terms of 2016 fashion, but that architectural look won’t hold up for 10-20 years, it’s not basic enough. and it looks way to heavy to carry, with the thickness of the leather and hardware – just look at the zipper, even on the small size. true classics (ie flap and speedy) are also a bit weightless and consider every age – could a 80 year old lug this thing around? nope. could a 80 year old hold a speedy or flap? yep. much to consider other than just a look, but weight, size and function.