First and foremost, let me say that I have come here this morning without any malice for the beloved Chloé Marcie Bag. Its existence has made innumerable bag shoppers happy for years (it’s been around since 2009 at least, based on our own posts about it), and although I’ve never felt personally attracted to it, the Marcie is a workhorse design with a lot going for it. The Marcie is distinctive but not showy, and it’s roomy but not bulky. It comes in a zillion sizes and leathers. It’s a very solid bag, but I’m just kind of over it.

Seeing anything too frequently for too long will make people sick of it, which is why some of you guys complain when we write another post concerning classic bags like the Chanel Classic Flap Bag or Hermès Birkin. Familiarity breeds contempt. When it comes to handbags, “contempt” is probably too strong a word, but there comes a point in time where you’re ready for a brand to acknowledge it’s done all with a certain style that it can. The Marcie feels like it’s ready to cycle out to me, especially when you consider the slightly different aesthetic direction of the brand’s more recent offerings. Like a beloved football player for one of my favorite teams, I hope the Marcie will go out while it’s still on top.

Now, we’re turning it over to you: if you could prune back a bag or two from your favorite brand, where would you start?

(If you disagree with me about the Marcie–and I’m sure many of you will–you can still pick up the one pictured above for $1,990 via Neiman Marcus)

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  • AAAA

    To be honest, I like it when bags have longevity especially when bags are costing $2000+ dollars. They should be relevant for decades at the current prices.

    • Ivy

      I couldn’t have not said it any better! Agree 100%. I think that’s one of the benefits of buying a classic like Chanel, Chloe etc

      • Ruth Phillips

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  • TheModMazza

    The Celine Luggage and Phantom Totes need to be retired ASAP.

    • Kelly

      Never! It’s a great work bag and I can fit the kitchen sink into it :o)

  • Katy ;P

    I disagree very much. In fact, I’m planning on buying one!

  • babydoctx

    As a new mom, I just bought the Marcie cross body in gray. Love the pebbled and sturdy leather that won’t scratch, being hands free, and roomy enough to carry lots of stuff.

  • Kate

    I agree that the Marcie doesn’t look anything like what Chloe is doing nowadays. I like the shape, but for the price I think it’s a bit played out. I recently bought a Milli Millu Mini Venice bag, which is sort of a poor man’s Chloe Marcie. It’s a fraction of the price (especially at the current exchange rate … thanks, Brexit), and the quality is great. I just don’t think the Marcie is worth the investment. I would love to see Celine’s luggage totes retired. So sick of the maniacal robot face.

    • Ha! I bought my Marcie a few days ago in the UK (I’m American) and with the exchange rate, VAT refund, and the fact that I still would have had to add taxes to my US purchase, it was a great buy!

  • Celine luggage and Prada Saffiano totes.

    • laura

      agree about Celine luggage but not about Prada saffiano totes, they’re classic.

  • Kelly

    Posts like these tend to overlook (what I consider to be) an important thought process in the fashion industry — geographical location. I live in Minnesota where consumption is far less conspicuous (and probably far less up to date) than our East and West Coast counterparts; as such, the luxury good market isn’t over saturated with Celine, Chanel, or even Louis Vuitton. I am consistently complimented on my Phantom Luggage and Mansur Bucket bags.

    The retirement of a style might be more relevant when discussing street style and preferences in Los Angeles, New York, and Paris but as far as I’m concerned, the Marcie remains the bag of choice in my suburban neighborhood because it’s understated, sturdy, and an overall attractive bag….not to mention extremely practical in terms of use for the everyday woman/mother.

    • Sparkletastic

      Omg! Yes. This. I don’t live in NY, Hong Kong or Paris. So while people may be “over” a bag in fashion hot spots, those of us in cities who have less interest in trends and more interest in other things are perfectly happy to let our 5 year old bag live in our close and on our arm.

      • Kay

        Speaking as someone who lives outside of a fashion hotspot, my friends and I care a great deal about trends. Maybe it’s the disposable income or having no kids but I like to stay abreast of bag trends and spend my money on great new things. I don’t judge those who don’t buy a bag (or 10) every year but us small town folks are not the same!

      • Kelly

        I think my point might be escaping you, as I love getting a new bag and am in tune to what is currently generating wait lists (I’m owner to some of the first Mansur Gavriel bucket bags, Antigonas, as well as Luggage totes, both Phantom and otherwise). The point I was trying to make is that regardless of overwhelming saturation of the luxury market in some of the most populated cities in the world, the complete retirement of a style (for instance the Antigona, that reached market peak a few years ago) becomes far less relevant.

        I live in suburb just outside of Minneapolis, so by no means is it a ‘small town’ but consumption of luxury goods is far less conspicuous than Los Angeles….in everything. I would never see my neighbors driving into the neighborhood in a Lamborghini or a Ferrari; not because of a lack of ability, but because of a lack of desire. My group of friends (although older, with children) still care about current trends and the like, but as far as I’m concerned, the Marcie and other bags don’t look dated enough to retire. I’m not advocating for the Paddington (although the ever-chic Nicky Hilton just carried hers), I’m merely saying the retirement of a style is relative.

      • laura

        I totally agree with you. NY and LA are so over many things that are still relevant in many (small or large) cities in the US. For example, where I live, a small city in Texas, you see a lot of LV monogrammed bags while many New Yorkers retired theirs years ago.

      • Kay

        I wouldn’t have commented if I didn’t understand your point. I am offering a counterpoint to yours in that your statement doesn’t apply for all small town folk because our pereception of something usually depends on our knowledge, or lack there of, about a particular subject or item, in this case premier designer handbags. I live in Maryland and while there are huge income disparities in our very wealthy state, the denizens of our small towns (and our bigger ones) are pretty ravenous when it comes to luxury goods. Therefore, for every new Neverfull devotee, you have a lady wearing diamonds and an Evelyne III at a crab shack shading you for your Epi Alma. It depends on what the people around you know and if they give a hoot! I’m certain your town in Minnesota doesn’t have droves of transplant Hill careerists trying to be the next Olivia Pope in their Prada Saffiano judging the people with nylon Lonchamp bags like mine either. It’s all relative.

        And honestly, if I saw someone with a Paddington who put her outfit together fabulously, I’d applaud her or him…there’s something to be said for someone who makes it work!

    • HelloHappylife

      Couldn’t agree more! I live in Wisconsin so expensive handbags aren’t something a lot of people use or notice I feel. During my day to day life I see more people with MK/Kate Spade rather then like New York where you can see people with Chanel,LV,Hermes,givenchy etc

  • laura

    The Celine luggage should be retired. i don’t agree with the Marcie retirement; In fact, i think it should become a Chloe’s classic, just my opinion.

    • Lori

      I agree about the Celine luggage tote!

    • Guest

      I couldn’t agree more about the Marcie becoming Chloe’s classic, stable, non trend following bag. IMHO. It should not be retired.

  • RR

    DIsagree. Marcie is a classic. It is chic, timeless, and extremely practical, a combo that is hard to come by.

    • Sara

      I would even go as far as saying that it’s the most practical bag Chloe has ever produced.

  • Doodles78

    Anything Rockstud. It is nice but needs a break. Also Prada saffiano totes–and I have a few. This is not meant as insulting toward the designs or fashion houses of Valentino and Prada, nor toward the owners of these bags. I think it is good for a bag to disappear for a little while and return ¨refreshed¨.

    • Dell Q

      I’m extremely over Valentino Rockstud shoes, bags, too! I couldn’t agree more.

  • Jerri R

    Miu Miu pleats

  • Jerri R

    Miu Miu pleats

  • Dorothy Jonus

    I just bought the Chloe Marcie bag! I hope it becomes a classic !! The one bag that needs to be retired are those never full bags by Louie Vuitton They’re everywhere ! I like it when people have more originality with there bags and not get a bag everyone else has at the moment .

    • Jennifer McGee

      I couldn’t agree with you more on the Neverfull. They are becoming almost tacky. I almost bought one a couple of months ago and I am so glad I didn’t. I opted for a Goyard St. Louis and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I like it.

      • laura

        I don’t agree about the Neverfull being retired. Yes, you see it everywhere but that’s because it’s so practical. I own two Neverfulls and a St. Louis and I personally prefer the Neverfulls. I recently bought a Saint Laurent shopping tote and now it’s one of my favorites. If you’re looking for a tote, I highly recommend this one over LV and Godard. It’s leather and it looks classier… and you can’t beat the under $1000 price tag.
        I’m sorry, I went completely off the subject.

      • ruth sanchez

        I have a neverfull and the Saint Laurent tote as well! I was thinking of purchasing the St. Louis next. So you do not recommend it? Thanks in advance.

      • laura

        The St. Louis is a good tote overall, I carry it quite often and holds lots of stuff, like the other two. It is also very low maintenance but IMO, it feels and looks cheaper than the other two. Funny thing because it is the most expensive. If you like the look of the St. Louis, I would say “go for it.” But if you are looking the functionality, I would say you’re already covered with the Neverfull and Saint Laurent. I hope this helps.

      • Lori

        I have the NF, SL tote and the Goyard Artois! I owned a St Louis and it felt cheap to me so I sold it…then got the Artois and love it! MUCH higher quality than the St Louis and has a zipper which the other two do not have. It has become my rainy day bag!

    • Guest

      Agree the Neverfull should be retired. The market is over saturated with them.

  • Mv

    I completely disagree. This bag is so chic and elegant. It was and still is relevant, exactly like the classic Chanel bag or the Birkin.

  • Guest

    Valentino rock studs. on everything. bags & shoes

  • JDW

    I have five Marcie satchels and am trying to figure out what color to get next. I love it’s size and versatility. I think it’s a classic.

    • Sara

      Go for it! It’s a great bag.

  • Kelchic

    Agree that the Neverfull and Prada Saffiano bags should be retired but not the Chloe Marcie! To me the Marcie is a classic, beautiful and timeless bag.

  • seun

    Valentino rockstuds and LV monogram handbags.

  • Passerine

    I agree about the Celine Luggage totes. I’m glad nobody brought up the Fendi Peekaboo as I’d like to get one later this year :-) I did wonder what people thought about the LV Alma bag — esp the PM size? Some years bag, it was everywhere, now not so much. It is a bag with a long history — but has its day finished? Or is a still worth adding to someone’s collection if the focus is classic, lasting value? Thanks! (I know I should probably have posted this on the Forum, but I wanted to hear from people beside those already LV fans)

    • Aurore de La Gorce

      I think the Alma is a classic. It’s been in the collection since so long and the lines are clean, well drawn, there is a real beauty in it.

    • HelloHappylife

      I hate the alma bags! They look like an old fashion Doctor tool bag :|

    • Sara

      Alma is timeless.

  • Maya

    Céline Luggage Tote!! I cannot bear the sight of that thing anymore:))

  • Aurore de La Gorce

    I don’t think the Marcie should be retired. It’s a nice romantic saddle bag, with a beautiful design, although it is not trendy anymore, in my opinion it has become a classic. There will always be a demand for this kind of bag, and customers of Chloe who have liked the previous aesthetic of the brand might be really disappointed if the bag was stopped.

  • W. Serrino

    I am tired of the Chanel classic flap or double flap bag – it is the bag every middle aged woman pulls out to attend a luncheon or whatever – it is like lemmings to the sea for me. Every one looks the same carrying it. I like to see a bit more originality.

    • Ag

      I’m so tired of bags with wings!

  • MissDemeanor

    I’ll never tire of Chanel, the flap bag is an icon! I’m tired of the Givenchy Pandora as it messes with my head and anything by Michael Kors has to go!!

  • MissDemeanor

    I mainly think I’m tired of certain brand names too. Michael Kors, Coach and Mulberry to name a few.

    • dphatgirl

      Definitely Michael Kors. Coach is a good starting point (price and style-wise) for those aiming to start a purse collection. Mulberry is definitely slipping in the design front, but I wouldn’t lump it with MK and Coach – difference in price point notwithstanding, it has a lot of classics (i.e. Alexa, Lily, Bayswater) which puts it way ahead of those brands.

  • Tinsley Proust

    The Marcie definitely needs to go, at least in this incarnation. The saddle bag version is fine. I also think prada needs to ditch the Saffiano for a bit. It’s practical, but it looks so cheap in my opinion.

  • Ag

    I’m so sick of bags with wings!!!

  • Lisa OBrien

    Y’all are killin’ me! So many saying Celine luggage ready for retirement. I just bought a Nano and haven’t used it yet….but had this very concern when I both it yesterday. The Nano is so functional….very comfortable cross body that still holds a bottle of water and plenty of other things….also has a fabulous little tab on the back to hook glasses.sunglasses. Love this bag but for almost $3K don’t want to feel like it is an old “it” bag. What do you all think….is Nano past its prime also or just the larger luggage??

    • Lori

      My Micro Luggage is one of my faves…a workhorse for sure. I recently traveled to London and saw a lot of Celine, much more than my hometown of Houston. I feel like in Houston they are pretty rare and therefore I am not sick of them :)

  • Not the Marcie! I just bought my first one a few days ago! I live in NYC and I have never seen one “in the wild.” In contrast, I see Celine Luggage and LV Neverfull everywhere. I agree with everyone who has said the Neverfull needs to be retired. They are so ubiquitous and so knocked off that you can’t tell who’s carrying a real one or a fake.

  • Pookie

    It’s funny, I read this headline and immediately screamed yes!!! I am so over the Marcie, every time I see it I’m surprised it’s still around. It’s not an awful bag, just a bit dated and overly detailed. I can also do without that stupid Rebecca Minkoff with the zippers and tassels. I also agree with the Prada saffiano totes, just need a break. Highly disagree on the Celine luggage in terms of aesthetics, but this is the classic tale of “bad people happening to good bags”. Some people just kind of… killed it.

  • Sidney

    I agree – quality, luxury bags, regardless of their style – should never go out of style. I buy a bag that I know I will love for a lifetime, not because it is trendy or simply because it is the latest style. I look for longevity and something that I will never tire of. I think the Chloe Marcie and the Chloe Paraty are classic, beautiful, and functional styles that I know I will love and carry forever!

    • Sidney

      I actually like a style of bag much better when not everyone else is carrying it. Who wants to look like everybody else? It is nice to carry a bag that is a classic, and not “on trend,” which adds to your individual style, rather than looking like everyone else carrying a certain Celine bag, making everyone look boring and the same. I do not see a gazillion Marcie bags out there, which makes me want to carry it more. Plus, it’s a classic.

  • Gina H

    I actually have never cared for the Marcie bag so retire away! Love Chanel, Valentino, St Laurent and the LV leathers. I do not have a Neverfull but think of it is a “life purse”. I see many 20 somethings use it for a college class “carryall” for their computers or to carry workout gear. Young mothers use it for all the extra things their children might need and women using it for a travel carry-on. Multi-purpose and several life stages.

  • Lavinia loves bags

    The retirement of the Celine luggage tote would make me very sad: I still wish to have the nano luggage in black, I’ve seen only a couple of Celine so far and found them amazing. What I really can stand no more it’s the Balenciaga Classic City. It makes me think that’s a bag for motorbikers every time I see one and it makes me look around to see where the motorcycle actually is!

  • Casey

    I would rather see the Marcie than another Celine Luggage. I liked that Chloe introduced the Hayley, which I feel is a modern take on the Marcie. However, few bags come close to the practicality of the Marcie. Like the Balenciaga City, it still has an outside pocket, but it also fits on the shoulder and comes with a crossbody strap standard, two features that the City does not offer. I used to not like the Marcie but I see the appeal, and I don’t think the market is oversaturated with it.

  • Julie Mathis

    Has the large Marcie satchel already been discontinued/retired? I can’t find a new one anywhere – just preowned.

  • Kelly

    We are so gullible! We spend $1-5k or more on a bag and then when “someone” says it should be retired, we go out and spend more on another bag!

  • Coco

    Do you think the celine nano is too played out? I’m thinking about buying a black one w silver hardware or a mansur gavriel bucket bag. Do you think the bucket bag is less overdone? Do you think it’s bad to get a nano in 2016?

  • Nina

    are there 3 sizes for chloe Hayley ? small, mini, nano? i want one between the small and the nano but i’m not sure if the stores are writing nano but other stores mean mini but they are the same size. hope i made sense!