The Givenchy Antigona is one of those bags that continues to gain popularity at a point in its life cycle when any other bag would be starting to fizzle out as consumers move on to other things, and that’s how you know it’s one of the few truly exceptional pieces out there right now. That also makes it a perfect candidate for close examination in our newest Ultimate Bag Guide; below, check out all the info you need to decide which Antigona is right for you, including prices, size comparisons and side-by-side guides to currently available colors and leathers.

The Givenchy Antigona Bag

Year Created: 2010
Sizes Currently Available: Mini, Small and Medium Duffels; Small, Medium and Large Shopping Totes; Small and Medium Envelope Clutch; Medium and Large Pouches
Most Recent Price Increase: Unclear
Availability: Givenchy boutiques and major department stores worldwide, as well as online at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, Barneys, MATCHESFASHION.COM, Net-a-Porter, MyTheresa and SSENSE

Sizes and Prices

Givenchy Antigona Bag – Mini

8.5″ W x 8.5″ H x 5″ D
$1,650 in Smooth Calf Leather via Net-a-Porter
$1,750 in Textured Calf Leather via Net-a-Porter
$1,795 in Nubuck via Neiman Marcus
$1,875 in Metallic Leather via Barneys
$4,350 in Python via Barneys
$7,900 in Ostrich via Barneys

Givenchy Antigona Bag – Small

11″ W x 9.5″ H x 5.5″ D
$2,095 in Box Calf Leather via Neiman Marcus
$2,280 in Grained Goatskin via Barneys
$2,475 in Patent Calf via Net-a-Porter
$3,690 in Python via Saks
$3,795 in Elaphe Snakeskin via FWRD
$5,590 in Anaconda via Bergdorf Goodman
$31,000 in Crocodile via Neiman Marcus

Givenchy Antigona Bag – Medium

13″ W X 11″ H X 7.5″ D
$2,090 in Rubberized Canvas via Net-a-Porter
$2,125 in Smooth Calf via Barneys
$2,225 in Box Calf via Net-a-Porter
$2,435 in Grained Goatskin via Neiman Marcus
$2,690 in Tricolor Leather via Saks
$2,950 in Grained Leather with Perspex Accents via LUISAVIAROMA
$3,095 in Smooth Calfskin with Contrast stitching via LUISAVIAROMA
$4,895 in Mixed Elaphe Snakeskin via Neiman Marcus
$5,250 in Python via Barneys


Givenchy Antigona Bag – Small Tote

13″ W x 11″ H x 5.5″ D
$995 in Rottweiler Coated Canvas via Neiman Marcus

Givenchy Antigona Bag – Medium Tote

13″ W x 15.5″ H x 7.5 D
$1,045 in Rottweiler Coated Canvas via Barneys
$1,645 in Metallic Goatskin via Bergdorf Goodman


Givenchy Antigona Bag – Large Tote

21″ W x 13″ H x 7.5″ D
$1,080 in Rubberized Canvas via Barneys
$1,145 in Madonna Coated Canvas via Net-a-Porter
$1,150 in Magnolia Coated Canvas via Net-a-Porter
$1,225 in Rottweiler or Bambi Coated Canvas via Barneys
$1,225 in Baby’s Breath Coated Canvas via Neiman Marcus
$1,790 in Striped and Studded Coated Canvas via Saks
$1,795 in Metallic Goatskin via Bergdorf Goodman

Givenchy Antigona Bag – Small Envelope Clutch

9″ W x 6″ H
$1,085 in Metallic Goatskin via LUISAVIAROMA
$12,900 in Crocodile via Barneys

Givenchy Antigona Bag – Medium Envelope Clutch

12″ W x 8.25″ H
$995 in Rubberized Leather via Saks
$1,395 in Grained Goatskin via Barneys
$1,435 in Metallic Goatskin via Neiman Marcus
$1,495 in Smooth Embossed Calf via Net-a-Porter
$2,059 in Mixed Snakeskin via MATCHESFASHION.COM


Givenchy Antigona Bag – Raw Edge Envelope Clutch

16″ W X 8″ H X 2″ D
$21,000 in Crocodile via Saks

Givenchy Antigona Bag – Medium Pouch

11.5″ W x 7.5″ H
$435 in Favelas Coated Canvas via Net-a-Porter
$450 in Rubberized Canvas via Net-a-Porter
$520 in Sugar Goat Leather via Barneys
$540 in Grained Goat Leather via Net-a-Porter
$560 in Metallic Goat Leather via Bergdorf Goodman


Givenchy Antigona Bag – Large Pouch

13.5″ W x 9″ H
$620 in Grained Leather via Barneys
$650 in Sugar Goatskin via Barneys
$665 in Metallic Grained Goat via Barneys

Common Materials

Givenchy-Antigona-Calf-Leathers Givenchy-Antigona-Canvas-and-Goat-Leathers Givenchy-Antigona-Materials-Exotics-and-Texture Givenchy-Antigona-Materials-Snakeskin

Currently Available Leather Colors

Notes: Black is the only color made every season; this assortment is not comprehensive
Givenchy-Antigona-Colors-1 Givenchy-Antigona-Colors-2 Givenchy-Antigona-Colors-3 Givenchy-Antigona-Colors-4

Currently Available Nubuck Colors


Currently Available Canvas Prints


Size Comparisons

Medium and Small Antigona
Photos via tPFer HRHSunshine
Medium-and-Small-Givenchy-Antigona-Size-Comparison-Front Medium-and-Small-Givenchy-Antigona-Size-Comparison-Side Medium-and-Small-Givenchy-Antigona-Size-Comparison-Bottom Medium-and-Small-Givenchy-Antigona-Size-Comparison-Top
Mini, Small, Medium and Large
Note: Large is No Longer Available
Givenchy-Antigona-Size-Comparison-Mini-Small-Medium-Large-Front Givenchy-Antigona-Size-Comparison-Mini-Small-Medium-Large-Side Givenchy-Antigona-Size-Comparison-Mini-Small-Medium-Large-Mixed Givenchy-Antigona-Size-Comparison-Mini-Small-Medium-Large-Mannequin

Interior View


Perfectly Pink

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