To be absolutely honest with you, Fendi is a fashion house that intrigues me immensely. There’s absolutely no reason in the world to dislike Fendi – it’s a super cool brand that’ll no doubt go down in history as one of the pioneers of the handbag world. In my (constantly shifting) mental hierarchy of luxury brands, Fendi happens to be one of those brands that, along the lines of Gucci and Louis Vuitton, is all over the place: from the ultra high-end exotics to the more accessible all-over logo pieces, it has been consistently delivering handbag hits we can’t help but swoon over.

In fact, the very first It-bag in the world, the Baguette, came to be thanks to Fendi, and it has already become a house-staple once again following its revival. The house seems to show no signs of slowing down, with its latest mosaic-encrusted Roman collection for Fall 2021 being a clear winner in everybody’s book.

However, there’s something about the house that simply has me wanting to look towards to its “next” design, hence keeping me from liking any one design for too long. Don’t get me wrong, all of its designs are gorgeous and if I had the affordability, I can imagine myself owning quite a few pieces. And every time there’s a new edition of the Baguette (at one point, there was even a scented version!), I can’t help but lust with the rest of the world. But as I turn over the bag in my mind for a few days, it just stops seeming as attractive as it had seemed upon the first few glances. Even if I did have the affordability, I can imagine myself selling/consigning quite a few of them not too long after purchasing (yes, if I ever have a collection that could spur a Closet Confessional, I’d totally be one to sell older bags to fund new purchases, but then I’m digressing again).

Case in point, the Fendi 2Jours. While writing about the battle of the Power Bags, I was very much smitten by the look of this subtly logo-ed, highly organized, open-top, elegant carryall, which is not entirely unlike the Sac de Jour (my all-time favorite bag). Now, however, I’ve gone from feeling largely enamored by the powerful aura of the 2Jours to slightly unappeased by its rigidly structured shape. Does it soften with age? Does it become slouchy? Since its larger size is made from Vitello and Saffiano leathers, even if it does become softer, will it have the gorgeous rich texture that pebbled leather has? The more I think about it, the more these questions keep popping up in my mind, adding to my qualms about the bag.

And while the 3Jours, an updated take on the 2Jours, looks stunning, especially in the black croc-embossed and calf-hair edition, its lack of organization and stiff-looking gussets (unlike the Celine Phantom Luggage that, in my eyes, aces the “flaring gussets” look) again have me questioning its ultimate convenience of use. It also leaves dream-me already assessing its resale performance!

By comparison, the Fendi Peekaboo is pretty unique. I mean of course, a bag that lets you steal seductive glances of its interior, which features a unique pattern/zipper/FF monogram/a pair of angry bloodshot or rather yellow eyes, is something that’s completely different from the rest of the market; just what is to be expected from a fashion-giant like Fendi. However, the Peekaboo continually has me questioning how often would people actually use its primary selling point of leaving the bag open? It looks great in pictures, no doubt, but in terms of functionality, it isn’t a big plus point, at least in my eyes, correct me if I’m wrong. And it’s likely that until you’ve used the bag for a while and the leather has “broken in”, the peeking-into-the-interior thing wouldn’t even be very apparent, while if you carry it closed, I’d say it looks rather basic. Recognizable, but alas, basic.

There are a slew of other designs from Fendi too, like the DotCom, for example, which features a key-like hole that frequently has me looking for a lock-and-key which isn’t there to begin with, or the By the Way whose top-handle looks like it’d be rather taxing to carry on your fingers (since it would probably not fit in your arms because have you seen how little it is?). There there’s the Kan I, (Can I get myself to like the scallops? The answer, not really) or the Karligraphy (whose logo is one of the Fendi Monograms I really do happen to like and hope to see on a bigger purse some day instead of the miniature flap bag it’s available on or the bucket tote where it is way too small to remain significant).

“But surely you can’t” not like” the Baguette?”, you guys must be asking, right? Well, I do like the Baguette for its nostalgic, Carrie-Bradshaw value and because of the fact that the It-bags we reminisce so fondly of nowadays partly exist because of the Baguette, but then, it’s simply way too small for me to imagine it fitting my life! I mean, dream-me who’s got way too much money would probably have the large one in white calfskin with camel suede trim from Spring 2022, but then never really get himself to use it (it’s white and suede, it’s meant to not be used!). Yes, I’ve had a lot of time to really think this through.

So lovers of the brand, I seek your help. When it comes to Fendi, I simply can’t seem to control my sudden changes of favor, and at times I can’t help but feel slightly guilty even for not liking such an iconic brand (Sarah Jessica Parker would probably be slightly disappointed in me). Seems like I need some Fendi therapy!

Do you feel the same, or is it just me?

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