When the Fendi Peekaboo first hit the runway in September of 2008 for the following Spring season, it quickly became the next it-bag to have. At the time, landing an it-bag was a major objective for fashion brands, though it would be plagued by a short life expectancy. The next must-have bag would quickly succeed its it-bag predecessor in popularity and the bag you once lusted for would soon become irrelevant.

Earlier this year, the Fendi Peekaboo celebrated its 10th anniversary. A majority of bags, even the most popular, don’t ever achieve iconic status, let alone reach this milestone anniversary. The Fendi Peekaboo hence accomplished a unique feat by not falling out of favor with bag lovers worldwide.

The Peekaboo is discreet, classic and timeless. Over time, Fendi introduced small, but noticeable tweaks and new renditions, which marked the Peekaboo a cornerstone bag in the world of designer handbags. Most notably, the Peekaboo has proven its staying power, as it’s still one of the most easily recognizable and loved bags today.

The Peekaboo Family (top to bottom, left to right): X-Lite Large in Burgundy ($4,450), X-Lite Medium in Black ($3,980), Iconic Essentially in Beige ($3,980), Peekaboo Medium in Green ($4,200), Micro in Lime Green ($1,290), Iconic XS in Blue Suede ($3,190)

So what makes this bag so great? Many things.

Firstly, the versatile design suits everyone’s personal life and style and there are now more than one thousand combinations, differing in materials, colors, and hardware. Initially, the Peekaboo was introduced in one size. Now there are three versions (more on that below) in various size options, allowing the bag to work for absolutely everyone.

The Peekaboo transforms itself with the wearer – a bag that functions as a work bag or an everyday more casual bag or an out-on-the-town bag.

The Peekaboo comes in the classic rendition that we’re acquainted with best, which the brand dubbed the Iconic. Fendi extended the family by introducing the Peekaboo X-Lite, a lighter version with less hardware, and the Peekaboo Iconic Essentially, a more minimal version. When it was designed, the Peekaboo was the simple counterpart to the flashy, cultural icon Baguette, refocusing on the roots of the house’s leather goods. The inside of the bag mattered most as the brand saw the peek of the interior and way the bag opens up to be a new spin.

The Peekaboo Iconic, X-Lite and Essentially are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. We pulled a bunch of bags from Fendi to give a comparative look at the whole family and guide you to find a Peekaboo that may be perfect for you.

Fendi Peekaboo X-Lite Large vs. X-Lite Medium vs. Iconic Essentially

Fendi Peekaboo Iconic

Sizes available:
Large : Length 15.7″, Height 11.8″, Depth 5.9″ (starting at $4,800)
Medium : Length 13″, Height 10.2″, Depth 4.7″ (starting at $4,200)
Mini : Length 9.1″, Height 7.1″, Depth 4.3″ (starting at $3,390)
XS : Length 7.5″, Height 6.3″, Depth 2.4″ (starting at $3,190)
Micro : Length 5.9″, Height 4.5″, Depth 2″ (starting at $1,290)

The Iconic range is the original classic for the house, featuring the recognizable “peek” aspect. The two internal compartments are divided by a stiff partition with a metal bar and two opposing twist lock closures on both the front and back of the bag. The leather tabs on the sides of the bag can be unhooked for a looser look, achieving the peek. There’s a single top handle and an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap. The Iconic now comes in 5 sizes, with the larger sizes offering a zippered pocket on the interior as well. The Iconic sports just the right combination of casual and refined to make it a lasting staple in your wardrobe.

Peekaboo Iconic Medium

Peekaboo Iconic XS

Micro Peekaboo

Fendi Peekaboo X-Lite

Sizes available:
Large : Length 16.9″, Height 12.6″, Depth 5.5″ (leather version starting at $4,450)
Medium : Length 11.8″, Height 9.8″, Depth 5.9″ (starting at $3,980)

The Peekaboo X-Lite was introduced as a lightweight alternative to the Iconic. Fendi pared down the design just enough to make it a bit lighter while keeping all of the notable and defining aspects of the Peekaboo.

What’s different? The shoulder strap is made of lighter canvas, which is a touch I love as it pairs a classic body bag with a more casual strap. The X-Lite has a single twist lock closure and no center partition splitting the interior. Unlike the Iconic, the side-mounted leather straps are anchored to the back panel and create the recognizable peek effect when unhooked and opened. The X-Lite represents a modernized and sleek evolution of the Iconic.

Fendi Peekaboo Iconic Essentially

Sizes available:
Medium : Length 10.6″, Height 7.9″, Depth 4.3″ (starting at $3,980)
Large : Length 15.4″, Height 11.4″, Depth 5.3″ (referred to as Iconic Essential, $4,900)

The Essentially sits aesthetically and functionally right between the Iconic and the X-Lite. If you prefer the Iconic with its center partition but want the bag to be a little lighter like the X-Lite, this is the version for you. The twist lock comes on both the front and back of the bag and there’s a zippered pocket on the interior as well. The detachable and adjustable shoulder strap on this bag is made from leather, similar to the Iconic. To add a modern touch, the side tabs are integrated into the front and back leather panels, unlike in the Iconic, where the tabs are made from separate leather straps.

A handbag is meant to be carried and loved. As a bag girl, I own plenty of bags that suit occasions but there are few bags that I love as much as my Fendi Peekaboo. The bag is a beautiful dream, to both look at and carry. It’s a bag that you’ll never look at and worry it has gone out of style, as the bag has proven its relevance for 10 years now. Of course you can pick a more seasonal color, but majority of the Peekaboos are daily carries for years to come.

Discover the entire offering of Fendi Peekaboo bags on Fendi.com.

Fendi Iconic vs. Iconic Essentially

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