Fendi Make Up Your Peekaboo Launches Today

Fendi jumps on the customization train...

The Fendi Peekaboo family is expanding with a new personalization aspect, allowing anyone to create a Peekaboo that feels entirely custom and theirs. Today, Fendi launched its new program, Make Up Your Peekaboo, which will enable you to do just that – make a bag truly yours.

Fendi Make Up Your Peekaboo

The Fendi Peekaboo has long been on my list as one of the cornerstone bags in the designer handbag world. While we have covered different iterations and the breadth of the collection, it continuously evolves. It makes sense that as bag customization has been taking center stage lately, Fendi gets in on the trend, offering its own spin on personaliztion.

Customize Your Peekaboo

Fendi Peekaboo

This new special project is sold both in Fendi stores and also sold online. The customization process includes over 200 possible combinations with charms, Strap You shoulder straps, and intricate handles. You can mix and match as you’d like and ensure you have a one-of-a-kind bag that speaks to you.

The handmade leather interlace handle is probably my favorite add-on and truly showcases the work of the artisans. A handful of new micro charms also add to the offerings.

The Peekaboo can be styled to each wearer’s personality, with a new offering of handle covers and micro charms. Prices for each addition are around $920 for the handle, starting at $590 for the straps, and $550 for a micro Peekaboo charm. You can check out options online or for the full range of options, head to your local Fendi boutique.

Fendi Make Up Your Own Peekaboo 3
Fendi Make Up Your Own Peekaboo 2
Fendi Make Up Your Own Peekaboo
Fendi Make Up Your Own Peekaboo 4
FENDI Peekaboo
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1 month ago

So it’s mostly personalizing the accessories, not the bag itself.

Deliah Boerleider
Deliah Boerleider
1 month ago


1 month ago

Not impressed. Does anyone remember the old customized Peekaboo service? Seemed much better than this — more elegant, more timeless. Tried to find the video on YouTube (uploaded by Fendi) but it seems to have been scrubbed away.