Fendi Celebrates National Handbag Day 2023

Another year celebrating the Peekaboo

As many of you know, yesterday, October 10th, was National Handbag Day. In years past, we’ve celebrated it in various ways, from major giveaways to partnering with brands and stores to large social media pushes. National Handbag Day has always been here as a way to lighten our mood and bring a touch of happiness while celebrating something that binds us all together. The happiness a bag has brought me for so many different reasons, along with the community and people I’ve connected with sharing this passion, has been life-changing for me.

This year, Fendi celebrated National Handbag Day, which they also deem its “Icons Day,” by honoring the Fendi Peekaboo. While we didn’t partner with Fendi directly this year, we have in the past, and this year, ample celebrities and influencers are posting the newest renditions of the Fendi Peekaboo to their feeds.

One reason the Peekaboo is such a beloved bag is because of its classic design elements along with constant, modern revisions. For Fall/Winter 23, Fendi released tactile versions of its coveted Peekaboo, including interlaced leather and interlaced shearling.

A few years ago, Fendi moved the sales of its Peekaboo line into stores, so you’ll see the full offering there. But right now, you can get a better look at some of the new Peekaboo bags based on the influencers and celebs spotted carrying them today!


Chiara Ferragni Fendi Peekaboo
Cuoio Romano Selleria Bi-Color Mini Peekaboo Iconic Satchel on Chiara Ferragni
Jenee Fendi Peekaboo
Peekaboo ISeeU Petite Fuchsia Sheepskin Bag on @jeneenaylor
Mimi Keene Fendi Peekaboo
Cuoio Romano Selleria Mini Peekaboo Iconic Satchel White on Mimi Keene
Carin Olsson Fendi Peekaboo
Peekaboo ISeeU Medium Brown and Grey Interlaced Sheepskin Bag on @parisinfourmonths
Jacob Rott Fendi Peekaboo
Peekaboo ISeeU Medium Graduated Brown FF Fabric Bag on Jacob Rott
Caroline Daur Fendi Peekaboo
Peekaboo ISeeU Petite Brown Sheepskin Bag on Caroline Daur
Jace Chan Fendi Peekaboo
Peekaboo ISeeU Brown and Grey Interlaced Sheepskin Bag on Jace Chan
monsieurcoupet Fendi Peekaboo
Peekaboo IseeU Medium on @monsieurcoupet
Hawley Dunbar Fendi Peekaboo
Peekaboo ISeeU Interlaced Sheepskin Bag on Hawley Dunbar
Rita Ora Fendi Peekaboo
Peekaboo ISeeU Petite Light Blue Sheepskin Bag on Rita Ora
Lena Lademann Fendi Peekaboo
Peekaboo ISeeU Small Black Selleria Bag with Exotic Details on Lena Lademann

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9 months ago

Fendi is so underrated esp their Peekaboos. The leathers and overall quality is exceptional and quiet – doesn’t scream label which I love. Plus you don’t see many people carrying this bag unlike other brands.

9 months ago

I like the idea of the sleeves on the coat Caroline Daur and Lena Lademann is wearing