Fendi’s Fall 2022 Bags Are Mix of Old Favorites and New Icons

Plus, a brand new silhouette emerged on the runway—see it here first!

There’s no stopping Silvia Venturini Fendi, Kim Jones, and the House of Fendi these days. Season after season, it’s been one stunning runway show after the next and the brand’s Fall 2022 show was no exception. Shown in Milan during Milan Fashion Week, Fendi Fall 2022 is an ode to the Fendi archives and a beautiful one at that. The new collection explores the past, reconfigured for the present with a modern, fresh twist on House signatures.

“The best way to explore the FENDI archives is through the Fendi wardrobes” – Kim Jones

Fendi Fall 2022 Runway Bags

The inspiration for this collection came from Kim Jones’ rediscovery of Fendi’s Spring/Summer 1986 collection. Jones lamented that despite these collections being from the past, they still somehow feel very much relevant for the now. Reworked geometric prints and an exploration of strength and softness, the RTW pieces are simply beautiful in their own right. Of course, we’re here for the bags, but it would be remiss not to mention how stunning each look as a whole was.

Now, back to the bags, Silvia Venturini Fendi focused on existing icons reinvented to compliment the RTW pieces. Icons like the Baguette, Fendi First, and the Peekaboo appear alongside newer silhouettes like the Fendigraphy (first seen on the SS 2022 runway) as well as a brand new small shoulder bag that is featured throughout in a myriad of iterations.

Fendi’s dedication to showcasing the storied craftsmanship of Italy and its people continues with the hand in hand project. Intarsia fur details, as well as all-over fur, appear on bags such as the Fendi First. Lastly, the ever-iconic, always classic Peekaboo celebrates its 25th anniversary, and for this collection, Venturini Fendi revives some of the House’s most beloved renditions. View bags from the runway below, images courtesy of Fendi.

Look 1 and 2
Look 3 and 4
Look 5 and 6
Look 7 and 8
Look 9 and 10
Look 11 and 12
Look 13 and 14
Look 15 and 16
Look 17 and 18
Look 19 and 20
Look 21 and 22
Look 23 and 24
Look 25 and 26
Look 27 and 28
Look 29 and 30
Look 31 and 32
Look 33 and 34
Look 35 and 36
Look 37 and 38
Look 39 and 40
Look 41 and 42
Look 43 and 44
Look 45 and 46
Look 47 and 48
Look 49 and 50
Look 51, 52 and 53

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