The Fendi First is My Latest Pouch Bag Obsession

The Fendi bag everyone is talking about

In the bag world, a new shape becoming a phenomenon seems unlikely – because how many innovative shapes can you truly design when it comes to handbags? But, nevertheless, unique shapes can pop up and take the designer bag world by surprise, leaving all the design houses working to create something similar in the seasons to come.

The hype surrounding oversized Pouch bags took hold with the Bottega Veneta The Pouch, a large leather clutch meant to be held by hand or carried under the shoulder. Quickly, this shape swooped in and had every fashionista scrambling to own a bag of this style. There was an inherent want and need for this design, and many brands have followed with similar bags.

New Fendi First Pouch Bags

The New ‘It’ Pouch?

Fendi’s latest is the Fendi First, a bag that possesses similar qualities to that oversized pouch design but with Fendi’s own twist. And the twists that Fendi adds to this bag make it stand out in a way that I find myself with a bit of a bag obsession. You see, my eyes locked on this bag the moment I saw a photo of it, it felt both current and timeless all at once. The leather looked divine in photos, and I can now tell you that in person it is even more lovely. And the iconic F clasp? Well, that is just icing on the proverbial handbag cake.

Construction and Materials

While that supple leather pouch-like shape is part of what makes this bag, there is much more to it. The Nappa leather Fendi uses is incredibly durable while remaining as soft and pliable as it appears in photos. The Fendi First is further stylized with the oversized metal F clasp which is bound in tone on tone Nappa leather that runs the length of the top of the bag. While the F clasp does add some weight, there is an optional shoulder strap that makes this bag far more usable – and somehow with and without the strap it feels entirely reinvigorated as a new design. The Fendi First is a bag that has given Fendi a major bag spotlight, and in my opinion, deservedly so.

Sizing and Dimensions

I was able to check out both sizes in person, the Medium version in dark brown Nappa leather as well as the small, in the coziest pink sheepskin. The large size is very spacious, with dimensions of 32.5 cm L x 23.5 cm H x 15 cm D. The bag does weigh 2.3 lbs, and much of this heft comes from the F clasp which I think makes the bag entirely special so you can’t part with this design element. The shoulder strap attaches in a really seamless way, with pull-out attachment points that can make the bag look seamless as a clutch or offer the ease of carrying as a shoulder bag. The interior is spacious and lined in the FF logo print.

While there are plenty of leather options, including black, dark brown, caramel, beige, and pink, Fendi introduced the Fendi First in python, mink and sheepskin as well. I have a soft spot for cozy bags and the light pink sheepskin feels and looks quite magical (it’s currently sold out online, and I’m not surprised!). On top of that, the pink sheepskin small version paired with the large dark brown leather version felt like some sort of dessert combination that I would order for now until the end of time. The small size is 26 cm L x 18 cm H x 9.5 cm D and weighs 1.36 lbs. This version also has pull-out tabs and an optional shoulder strap with a 43 cm drop.

Price and Availability

The pictured dark brown Nappa leather version of the medium Fendi First costs $3,490 and can be purchased via Fendi.com. The small pink sheepskin Fendi first will cost you $3,190 and is also available $3,190 via Fendi.com.


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