Fendi Ruched Beaded Clutch

Upon first glance, this clutch resembles an clam on steroids, featuring a plethora of treasures and wilts in the skin. The ruched beaded detailing is a lot to handle, heightening your optical senses and making you wish to touch and feel the clutch. Yet, I am drawn to the Fendi Ruched Beaded Clutch because it offers a look that is hard to find and a look that can only be pulled off by a few. The material is metallic gold jersey, with beaded detailing, on a winged style. Luckily with it being a small handbag, the dimensions and metallics are more subdued and accepted. It is funky for sure, and not for everyone. I expect many to hate it and many to love it. Oddly enough, I find myself looking at it again and again, wondering the idea behind it, wondering if people would look at me oddly if I were to carry it or look at me thinking ‘you go girl’. Via NAP for $1320.

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