Fendi Ruched Beaded Clutch

Upon first glance, this clutch resembles an clam on steroids, featuring a plethora of treasures and wilts in the skin. The ruched beaded detailing is a lot to handle, heightening your optical senses and making you wish to touch and feel the clutch. Yet, I am drawn to the Fendi Ruched Beaded Clutch because it offers a look that is hard to find and a look that can only be pulled off by a few. The material is metallic gold jersey, with beaded detailing, on a winged style. Luckily with it being a small handbag, the dimensions and metallics are more subdued and accepted. It is funky for sure, and not for everyone. I expect many to hate it and many to love it. Oddly enough, I find myself looking at it again and again, wondering the idea behind it, wondering if people would look at me oddly if I were to carry it or look at me thinking ‘you go girl’. Via NAP for $1320.

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  • I think this is a WAY beautiful clutch!!!
    I would carry it in a minute!!!
    Very striking!!! :lol:

  • Jahpson

    what in the world?

    how do you open it? hold it? what do you do with it?

    sorry, but this clutch makes my eyes to the twirl lol

    It looks like a bag that was made from Okra. pass

  • I really like it, although I’m not sure why. It’s small and cute, but at the same time looks like it might eat me.


    Thanks for sharing.

  • FahsionAddicted

    thats the problem…..why get a purse that it looks like itll eat you??
    lol DOUBLE PASS!

  • cosmofunshop

    You Go Girl !!! I like it.. strikingly sharp yet the gunmetal folded skin make it ‘alive’…
    Scary enough… makes me wonder will Posh or her team-mate Scary wear it??

  • Finally, Fendi has put out something appealing to me this year! Love the feminine contrast of the ruching with the butch gunmetal color. If I took this out with me to the bar, one cross look and I could slap someone across the face with it. Slap, slap, slap you silly man. Now buy me a drink!

  • ellen ellen watermelon

    It looks like a diseased toad. Warts and boils all over it. Ughhhh [shudder]… so gross.

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    this clutch is so hot!! i love the mix of feminine and punk details. fashionista’s will LOVE LOVE this clutch. especially since everyone is jumping on the clutch wagon this season. fendi knows how to set themselves apart from the drab rest. GO FENDI!