Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Wristlet

If you have ever been to Columbus, Ohio you will know that great weather is somewhat hard to come by. I landed here late last night and woke up to gorgeous weather! I am still in shock that the sun is out and it really looks like spring. The mission right now is to find a great bright handbag. Hot colors for spring and summer and yellow and green. Right now I have an order on a green Prada Bag, and would love to add a little bit of yellow to my wardrobe. Incredibly cheap, mighty chic, and adding just the perfect amount of sunshine to your day, Marc Jacobs has brought us the Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Wristlet. Oddly enough, this little wristlet has me totally in love. There is not a ton of fuss, merely gold hardware, a decorative turn clasp on the front, a wrist strap, and bright yellow leather. You can not even tell me that this is not a perfect yellow addition for your spring and summer wardrobe. Throw it on for a night out and brighten up your outfit, mood, and style. Via Net A Porter for $168.

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